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Thought about liposuction

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Thought about liposuction

Postby stella0011 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 2:21 am

I am almost 1 week post-op from laser lipo. I was shooting for 5 areas at once (upper abdomen, lower abdomen, love handles, back bra line, and upper arms), but he had reached the limits of local anesthesia before he could do the arms, so I only had 4 areas done.

It costs about $2000-2500 per area, with some discounting for doing multiple areas at once. There is a wonderful thing called a medical credit card that you can apply for for cosmetic and elective surgery (as well as dental, vision, and such not covered by insurance), and you can see how much credit line you qualify for and pay it out in installments. There is a low introductory interest rate, in some cases 0%, if you pay it off within a certain time frame.

There is also some bloodwork you have to have done beforehand, as well as prescription meds to take (pain pills & antibiotics) and wound care supplies (gauze, antibiotic cream, bandaids, etc.) which would add another $300-400 in expenses to the procedure, depending on whether or not you have prescription cards, etc.

As for the experience, it's a bit too soon for me to tell if I am completely pleased with the end results, but it was not terribly painful. I stayed in bed on pain meds for 24 hours post-op, but was back up and functioning fairly normally on nothing. You still have to do some post-op wound care, massage, etc. for about 3-4 weeks post-op. I have numbness, soreness, and bruising in the area, but really not even as much as I expected. I have also been dieting along with this work, so it could be a combination, but I really could tell an immediate difference in my legs.

Lipsosuction is not only a physical transition, but it is also an emotional one. The cost varies depending on your doctor/location. At most cosmetic centers, you can get a free consultation that will give you a ballpark estimate on the cost. After liposuction, you must follow up with good eating habits and exercise. You also must get used to the new "feeling" and how others see you.
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Re: Thought about liposuction

Postby sarah.l » Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:21 pm

Hi Stella,

Thank you very much for sharing. We hope you continue to keep us updated on your healing journey. :)
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