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Postby lg1953 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:28 pm

I had ultherapy done two weeks ago. I have been told it will take
three months to see the final results.
Has anyone had the proceedure done three months ago, or longer?
Can you tell me if you are happy w/the results and would do it again?
Thank you.
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Re: ultherapy

Postby Monroe7702 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:19 pm

Just wondering how you are doing now - have you seen results and if so, how long after the procedure did you notice improvement? Did yo notice a gradual change or did you not see any change until the 2 months started?
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Re: ultherapy

Postby blendy » Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:06 pm

I had Ultherapy done in January (three months ago). Had the forehead area and below each eye treated. The pain was almost unbearable so the doctor gave me a shot above the last eye to be treated. By the time I left my left eye was swelling. The following morning it was swelled shut. There was so much fluid and swelling it flowed over into the right eye. My "down time" was more than three weeks. I looked like some freak because it was all swelling - no bruising. I Experienced swelling, sensitivity, and pain under my eyes and in the forehead region up until just recently. To make it worse I have not seen any noticeable lift or improvement. Not just the money, but the pain and time expended was a waste. I don't blame the aesthetician because the technician and sales representative from the company that manufacturers the equipment were there in the room training.
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Re: ultherapy

Postby gay2 » Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:27 pm

gosh ! it sounds awful Blendy....its only recently i heard about the 'wonderful' ? results of Ultherapy,but after reading about your results and how painful it was ,i am having second thoughts.
I do hope that you eventually can see some improvement for it does,nt come cheap.
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Re: ultherapy

Postby tricki » Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:34 pm

I had full-face ultherapy 5 days ago. I did not have any kind of pain/relaxation meds before or during the procedure and the aesthetician asked, "Did anyone ever tell you that you have high pain tolerance?" Actually, no. It WAS painful in some areas like underneath the jaw bone and above the brow bone, but nothing I couldn't tolerate. I'm drug-sensitive and usually the after effects are worse than just putting up with the pain. I had no welts or bruising...just some redness beneath each eye. I could tell that the aesthetician was expecting more of an immediate lift of the brows, but I was not expecting much of anything right away...I knew it would take months before some tightening and lifting would occur. I intend to be patient.

1st day post procedure: Some aches over much of my face, especially when I touched it; redness under each eye; slight puffiness, especially on one side. Slight headache, too. Numbness in the throat area.
2nd & 3rd day post procedure: Puffiness seemed a bit more those days, again, especially on the one side. I noticed that my eyebrow seemed slightly lower on the puffier side and that there was more swelling under that eyebrow, too. I do know that the eyebrow is lower than it was before the procedure and the puffiness is touching my upper lid. I'm hoping it's because of the swelling. Slight headache still.
A new development! If I touched a spot above each eyebrow, I could feel a little 'zap' running to the back of my scalp! I remembered feeling this during the procedure. I was a bit scared, but I went to message boards on the internet and found out that this is a temporary (I sure do hope) effect caused by slight injury to the nerves. This will go away, they say. When I raise my eyebrows, the lower eyebrow also does not raise as strongly and as much as the eyebrow on the other side. Again, I read that there could be some temporary muscle weakness after the procedure. I called the medical spa that day, and my aesthetician said she had never had a patient with one lower eyebrow after the procedure, and that we should wait a good week and she would tweak that eyebrow again if it still remains.
Today (5th day post procedure): Swelling seems a bit less and eyebrows maybe a little less uneven. Headache is gone. Face is still a little tender when touched. Numbness in the neck area still there, but I'm not concerned.

Tips! If I were to do the procedure over, I would:
*** Take my own close-up pictures of my face before the procedure w/o makeup. I would take pictures with no smile, then with a smile, a picture of my eyes & brows and a picture of me RAISING my eyebrows. I never noticed uneven brows before, but I can't be totally sure of that. Now I'm scouring my photo albums and checking my eyes and brows. Any close-ups are a few months old and not recent enough. The medical spa took many pictures, though, and I'm hoping that will help me now.

I am hoping that after a couple of weeks pass, the swelling will be totally down and we can do an honest evaluation. Maybe I'm nitpicking too much too soon and expecting perfection, but right now my one eye and brow area look worse instead of better. With the price of this procedure, however, I don't think I'm being unreasonable? Thanks for listening.

Update! 3-1/2 weeks later:
At this point in time, I am happy to report that I can once again lift both brows equally or almost equally and my brows seem to be evening out slowly. There still remains a little bit of swelling under my left brow, but this has lessened as well. My face is no longer tender and the little zaps I was feeling when touching my forehead have almost totally subsided. Whew. I was worried. I do have a little bit of loss of feeling in my neck area, but that also has gotten better. I guess that never bothered me all that much.

Yes, I would have the procedure again. I am very happy with my under eye area...it is much smoother now. Definitely. I also try to remember that the results of this procedure are NOT immediate. I am trying not to focus so strongly on my face right now. I am going to wait the 2 to 3 months before I make a final decision.

I am glad I had the procedure and I anxiously await the results.
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Re: ultherapy

Postby natalieisgreat » Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:24 pm

Hey if you are still on this site, Tricki, how is it going now with your ulthera results? I have done a LOT of reading online and offline about this. I think it was on realself that someone had pretty good results with a pioneer of ulthera, in Toronto -- it is also quite cheap there (and in my opinion, RIDICULOUSLY overpriced here) and she had some interesting points to make. Her doc said that many of the people (including reps, RNs, etc) who do this should not be doing it, since they make it hurt when it does not have to. They simply do not have enough knowledge of how to avoid the nerves and how deep to go at certain points; there are specific measurements she described, but when I suggested this to an RN who was going to do mine, she admitted she only knew how to use the wand and she didn't really understand any of what I was saying. I kind of knew it would be that way, but I was hoping the machine could do the work for her if you know what I mean. Moreover, a truly good plastic surgeon would have been trained to see facial asymmetry and to even it out, such as with uneven brows (a problem I have.) Read more about this and you will see a GREAT disparity in all the descrips from people who have had it. Some get results, some do not, some even have bad stuff happen (although not as much as from Thermage.) My point is why are some of these untrained types still allowed to charge us for it? It's so wrong that we are their guinea pigs AND pay so much for it! It makes me mad on behalf of those who do not get results. Those who do, let us know since I have to admit, I still want to do this because I know of NO other way to get a lift to my brows -- I am apparently too young for a browlift -- but does anyone know ANY way I could get my eyes and brows to look more "open"? It is really bugging me!
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