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Varicose Vein treatment

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Varicose Vein treatment

Postby Alberta_Girl » Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:04 pm

I have bulgy varicose veins on my calves. I was wondering if anyone has had the treatment for it and if it was worthwhile? What kind of treatment? And more specifically if you have any info on a doc in Calgary that does it?
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Re: Varicose Vein treatment

Postby sarah.l » Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:41 pm

Hi Alberta Girl!

We do have a few things that can be used for varicose veins on Make Me Heal that you might be interested in. Some of these may be recommended to you by specialists to help in your treatment, though they can be used by themselves.

Horse Chestnut from Skin Actives Scientific can be used topically to help with varicose veins, swelling, and oxidative stress. Regarding the skin itself, escin inhibits elastase and hyaluronidase, preserving the structure and volume of the dermis matrix. Rutin, another chemical present in Horse Chestnut extract, also strengthens fragile capillaries, working synergistically with escin to promote vascular health. This skin care active ingredient is made by a licensed, high-quality laboratory of skin care ingredients.

This cream includes a number of ingredients, both ancient and modern, which help with varicose veins: Liquorice, Rutin, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins, Horse Chestnut, Centella Asiatica, Ruscogenin (from butcher's broom), Soy Isoflavones, Golden Seal, and Rosehip Seed Oil. Like the Horse Chestnut cream itself, this skin care active ingredient is made by a licensed, high-quality laboratory of skin care ingredients.

We also have compression stockings for the calves.

Constructed of double-covered Elastodien yarn made from soft and natural rubber, the Sigvaris Unisex Calf High Natural Rubber Compression Stockings (open toe, reinforced heel, and soft non-binding top band) offer the greatest possible degree of elasticity, while maintaining a constant level of compression throughout the day. These compression stockings offer a porous and permeable fabric that has a remarkably low 1% to 2% fatigue rate, making the stocking ideal for those with more serious indications for long-term therapy and easy to pull on and off, even for the high compression levels. These stockings retain their shape and are extremely durable and help keep the skin well ventilated to provide a pleasant environment for the legs, even during hot weather.

The Truform Unisex Below Knee Compression Stockings (Open or Closed Toe) are recommended for conditions such as leg/ankle pain and discomfort, leg/ankle swelling (edema), chronic venous insufficiency, mild varicosities, and varicose veins. These compression stockings perform a strong massaging action to relieve discomfort due to moderately severe varicose veins, painfully swollen legs, uncomfortable heaviness and fatigue, and are especially suited for women and men who are standing and sitting for long hours. These compression stockings include reinforced heel and toe, and non-restrictive stay-up top bands that keep the stockings comfortably in place all day long. The stockings are made of 67% nylon and 33% lycra spandex.

Please drop us a line if you have any questions or if we can provide any further assistance!
Sarah L.
Make Me Heal
Tel: (866) 363-4325
Email: http://www.makemeheal.com/contactus
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BEWARE of posts promoting American Vein Treatment Center

Postby MissJ521@aol.com » Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:19 pm

Just to let you know, I just finished deleting tons of promotional posts from American Vein Treatment Centers. They were using multiple ID's to promote (pretending to be happy patients) many many multiple IDs all coming from one source to give appearance it was 'many' patients.
That is called ASTROTURFING and it's an FTC violation.

So, heads up--as in take with a grain of salt--in the event a new person gets up here praising American Vein Treatment Centers as I've just banned about 10 of their different screen names for multi ID abuse to promote.
Please Note: NO PMs please.

Private correspondence with me concerning questions highly specific to your situation is not an extension of my open participation on the boards.
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