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New Obagi Line- ZO Skin Health

Ask about Obagi Skin Care and get answers from licensed Obagi skin care specialists and Obagi users from the community.

New Obagi Line- ZO Skin Health

Postby bdeutsch » Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:48 pm

Hello Everyone,

We're very excited to introduce a brand new line created by Dr. Zein Obagi called ZO Skin Health. This new line is for fighting the signs of aging.

The new ZO line works by stimulating cells to renew and recharge themselves--thereby replenishing collagen and elastin, and restoring firmness and smoothness. The products feature high concentration of stabilized, time-released retinol. You may feel a little tingling at first, to waken the skin up, but there's no lasting redness.

There's a lot of buzz about this new brand, and we're really enthused to be able to now offer it to our Make Me Heal family.

I know there's a lot of people confused about the differences between Dr. Obagi's new ZO Skin Health Line and the NuDerm Line. Both the Obagi NuDerm and the ZO Skin Health lines were developed by Zein Obagi, MD. He developed the skin health concept and has been a practicing dermatologist for 35 years. He is not actively employed by either company (Obagi Medical Products or ZO Skin Health) full time, and never has been, but he is active in both. Quite literally, his name is written all over both companies. He's the mastermind and formulator behind them.

Just for clarification,there is a difference between Dr. Zein Obagi's original (Obagi NuDerm) and new (ZO Skin Health) lines. Obagi NuDerm causes redness and peeling--for maybe six weeks-- while it renews skin and stimulates new skin cells. No doubt about it, it produces some impressive results--that's what Dr. Obagi is all about.

But even if you're on the Obagi NuDerm regimen, Dr. Obagi recommends the use of some ZO products to calm the skin, reduce redness and exfoliate those flaking cells.

Dr. Obagi developed his new line because (A) he believes that most of the skin care products that are sold at retail today contain insufficiently low concentrations of active ingredients to stimulate cellular activity or rejuvenate skin. That's why there is so little brand loyalty in skin care. (B) he realizes that most people who are on the Obagi regimen don't have a continuum of care--that is, after they complete the 18 week regimen, many revert to traditional drug or department store brands. That's where people like to shop. He doesn't want people's skin to revert to the original "dull and discolored" look that you mentioned. So the ZO line is intended for people who want to maintain the results. (C) there's a substantial % of people who don't want the redness associated with NuDerm, but still want to improve their skin.

One of the most popular products-the ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen just won the most innovative cosmetic of the year!

If your concerned about price, (and who isn't these days?) check out the ZO Skin Health Jumpstart Kit. It's a great value, and powerful introduction to Dr. Obagi's newest system.

If you're interested in ZO Skin Health, you can find the products along with more information at:

http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product/b ... catid=2530

You can find Dr. Obagi's other lines here:

http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product/b ... &catid=202
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Postby KadeeBelleMD2B » Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:26 pm


It should be HEAVILY emphasized that this line is NOT a medical grade skin care line like OMP, Inc. produces. It's not even the same company, it's a side company of Dr. Obagi's. It's targeting the high-end retail department store shopper, NOT someone needing corrective change with the Nu-Derm (et al) lines.

OMP, Inc. produces OBAGI Medical Skin Care products, which should be/can ONLY be administered through a physician's office only as they contain PRESCRIPTIVE STRENGTH dosing.
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Postby zoskinhealth » Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:28 am

Hi, KadeeBelleMD2B.

First let me introduce myself--I'm the president of ZO Skin Health and will participate in these threads only for clarification, etc.

You're absolutely right, unlike Obagi NuDerm, etc. ZO Skin Health is not a medical care skin care line. It contains no prescription-strength ingredients, and won't cause downtime, prolonged redness or peeling, etc.

It does share the same philosophy as Obagi NuDerm--stimulate cellular turnover to renew and transform the skin. But instead of using Rx ingredients, it features high concentrations of retinol, which Dr. Obagi has encapsulated to reduce irritation and provide time-release delivery.

Dr. Obagi developed ZO Skin Health to appeal to people who don't visit a derm or plastic surgeon, because they don't think that they have a medical problem. I'm happy to see you say that Obagi NuDerm (et al) should be used under the guidance and direction of a physician--too many people try to figure the system out themselves--and they're not very successful.

Many people though, do use ZO products in conjunction with Obagi NuDerm, or as part of a maintenance program.

Donna Queen
ZO Skin Health
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Postby KadeeBelleMD2B » Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:21 pm


Welcome to the board. :D

I just want to be sure that people DO understand the difference. As, it's bad for both companies if suddenly "obagi products" aren't working like "so and so" said they would. It's foreseeable that the duplicate ties to Dr. Obagi could cause confusion.

I agree, it's a great idea for people who do not need the change of a prescription strength system, and/or for maintenance....

You mentioned that "Dr. Obagi developed ZO Skin Health to appeal to people who don't visit a derm or plastic surgeon, because they don't think that they have a medical problem." Which is to me, the "deparment store shopper" that sadly gets "taken" by claims of sales staff, whereas they DO need medical skin care in the first place. :) Too many times have I had to bite my tongue listening to utter falsities sold to susceptible women while walking through a retail cosmetics store. As, you and I both know that most all of us DO have sun-damage that could at least benefit from some type of correction; hence the C-Rx line - it's even touted as the "prevention/younger" line; am I not correct?

Thus, my question is then why start a national campaign creating awareness for medical grade skin care - as OMP did starting this past summer - then turn around the same month and launch a product that however you swing it, doesn't do as much?! Also to note, I believe both the C-Rx and even the NuDerm products end up costing the consumer less than the ZO line product line up.

It's not that I'm not an advocate of OTC skin care, I actually am a co-owner of a skin care line developed with the intentions of providing good maintenance products for my obagi patients, LOL. I'm just a little disheartened that Obagi is't sticking to his original line - it's so terrific, and none of us can, nor try, to replicate it for a reason. :)


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Postby zoskinhealth » Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:29 am

Hi, KD--

Forums and message boards like this one are a good way to help explain the similarities and differences between the two lines. Thanks for the opportunity for discussion!

I've very mindful of the fact that NuDerm, etc. are Dr. Obagi's "first loves", and he will always work to support those brands. I don't think that there has been any shift in his loyalty. He is a dermatologist, first and foremost. He's also the largest individual shareholder of Obagi Medical Products. So of course he wants OMP to be successful. You're so right, 20 years ago Obagi products set a new standard for results-oriented skin care, and that record still stands!

One of the reasons why Dr. Obagi developed ZO Skin Health is that only 3% of people opt to see a professional for their aesthetic skin care. That neglects 97% of the population who like to shop for their skin care, and/or who don't feel that they're ready or so inclined to begin an aggressive program.

So there are three ways in which ZO can be used in conjunction with (or apart from Obagi NuDerm, etc.)

1. As a prequel to NuDerm. Too many people wait too long to treat their skin seriously. Starting at age 30, cellular turnover slows, and the skin cells need to be activated. It's like an exercise regimen. Don't wait until you're old and significantly overweight to begin a healthy lifestyle. If you practice good skin care, you can mitigate or postpone problems.

2. In conjunction with the active NuDerm regimen. Some ZO products significantly improve patient compliance and satisfaction, without adversely impacting the result. In Dr. Obagi's own practice in Beverly Hills, he regularly recommends selected ZO products to help reduce the irritation and/or peeling caused by NuDerm. Please note that this should be done only under the direction of a physician.

3. ZO plays a maintenance role. As you know, the NuDerm regimen is generally for 18 weeks. Maintenance is a very important part of the regimen, but often neglected. ZO Skin Health completes what Dr. Obagi calls "the circle of health"--a lifetime program of skin care that combines NuDerm and ZO (which continues to stimulate cellular turnover so that the results can be maintained.)

And finally, for the 97% of people who don't want a medical program (at least not yet), ZO Skin Health products provide a very results-oriented program. Dr. Obagi uses high concentrations of time-released, encapsulated retinol to improve the result. The NY Times reported on a study done at the University of Michigan, indicating that retinol is the only topical ingredient proven to reduce the signs of skin aging. I just saw yesterday that the beauty editor of Allure magazine, Kirstin Perrotta, said "The one family of ingredients that reduces wrinkles and firms skin is retinoids. They're consistently recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons because they've repeatedly proven in studies to work." She doesn't limit retinoids to just Rx Retin-A and Renova, but also OTC retinol.

In my medicine cabinet at home, I have both prescription-strength pain killers as well as OTC products like Motrin. Is one more effective than the other? Yes. But it also has side effects. I don't want to become dependent on drugs. So I choose to use the OTC products whenever I can (but I keep the Rx on hand!). There's a role for both.

One other thought: Fortunately or unfortunately, there are good salespeople and some less-than-good ones in every store, and in every doctor's office. And they're all motivated by profit. Doctors and medi-spas are in business too. Some retail salespeople sometimes don't have years of professional training or education. Yes, some salespeople are not as informed or educated as they should be. That's one thing that Dr. Obagi is intent on changing. You may have heard or read Dr. Obagi's comments that it's important for people to buy the right product, and make educated decisions. And if they can't do that, buy nothing. Keeping department store sales people (as well as people who work in medi-spas) trained is a constant process. Thank you, though, for helping keep people educated and informed. It's a big job, all the way around!


Donna Queen
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Postby KadeeBelleMD2B » Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:03 am

Great post. Thanks for the information! It's nice to know that both are directed for change. :)

Stay on the boards!

Best, KD
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ZO Obagi

Postby psniemeyer » Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:08 am

Ok, I'm new to these blogs and chats.

In response to KadeeBelleMD2B, I wish, I shoulda read earlier posts as I am rethinking my $600 purchase of ZO skin care! :shock:
:oops: If this available in department stores (as NuDerm is not) then why the $325 price? Holy Macaroni Batman! If I'm only paying for pretty packaging then I will absolutely cancel my order. Someone out there please respond!!********** at 3:36 AM Facing50 (guest) joined the room
3:39 AM: Facing50 (guest):Has anyone tried the new ZO skincare from Obagi yet? VERY expensive, but I've had tremendous results from original Obagi. Newly separated (soon to be divorced) and feel all my "juicy" and he used all my pretty. Reviews, responses appreciated!
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Re: New Obagi Line- ZO Skin Health

Postby Sterlingandfree » Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:57 pm

I work for a plastic surgeon..I am
Currently using zo medicals,, brightenex, retamax, and melamix...my skin is a mess!!! My neck looks like and feels like I've been burned. These are in no way a maintenance program..they are very strong, and have made my skin, rough, and red. At one point my skin looked brighter, but honestly, I can't have a life while I use them...any suggestions as the best way to use these, or I will be returning them and go back to using my Paula Begouen products which I was loving, but were not ex strength...anyone??
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Re: New Obagi Line- ZO Skin Health

Postby pac1962 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:53 pm

i've been using obagi nu derm for 5 years and am very happy with the results. i also use retin-a 1% every night. i think its time for a change and want to try zo. i'm not sure how to use both though. i bought the zo III system and brightenex. should i stop using the obagi completely and switch to zo, or use both?
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Re: New Obagi Line- ZO Skin Health

Postby LouisaL » Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:15 pm

I recently bought the new Obagi ZO product Brightenx from my PS's office and my chest and neck are a miserable burned/possible rash mess. And I last used it one week ago. I previously used the Obagi Blender. I will go back to that. I did not overuse the Brightenx and, in fact, I underused it and still got burned. My brown spots are starting to return as I have no product to use twice daily to keep them at bay. I would NOT advise that anyone buy this product. I cannot fall asleep at night and will have to see a dr. if this does not subside. I'm using an OTC cortisone cream. It seems like it may be the case that there is an irritant in it more so than that it's too strong. I have a feeling it will get pulled from the market.
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