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obagi clear makes my skin very red - will this stop?

Ask about Obagi Skin Care and get answers from licensed Obagi skin care specialists and Obagi users from the community.

obagi clear makes my skin very red - will this stop?

Postby reasonnotrules » Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:30 pm

i just started using retin A .025 with obagi clear about a week ago. i'm a 24 year old female with acne prone skin. i have hyperpigmentation from old acne.

the obagi clear has made my skin very red. i don't feel burning, itching, or discomfort but it turns my skin red, and it peels.

is this normal? will my skin eventually get used to the obagi clear and stop turning red, or will it be red for as long as i put it on? should i take a break from it if it starts burning?

my current regimen:

day: wash with gentle cleanser
put on light lotion
apply thick-ish layer of obagi clear on hyperpigmented areas

night: wash with gentle cleanser
apply thin layer of retin A
apply thick-ish layer of obagi clear on hyperpigmented areas
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Postby KadeeBelleMD2B » Wed Apr 01, 2009 6:23 pm

it's likely the Retin-A vs the HQ; but, a thin layer of each will suffice (mix them together for more even application too).

in the AM: hydroquinone BEFORE lotion, always. same at night!
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obaji clear, how long to use?

Postby literati » Mon Jun 15, 2009 3:57 pm

I started using Obaji Clear twice a day a couple of years ago. I didn't want to do the whole peeling thing (big chicken, sensitive skin) so I opted to use only the clear since my main problem was ugly freckles darkening with age (late fifties). Should I quit using it after a certain length of time? Is it bad for your skin over long periods? For a year or more it made my skin really gorgeous. Just pink and white and, well, clear! I have recently developed little red dots and broken veins over a very, very short period of time - like maybe a month or two - and wonder what could be the cause (besides aging, because this just happened too fast). I've been wondering if my skin has become thinner, damaged....? Are there treatments for this besides laser?
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