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Questions about obagi (and recs for Jersey Dr)

Ask about Obagi Skin Care and get answers from licensed Obagi skin care specialists and Obagi users from the community.

Questions about obagi (and recs for Jersey Dr)

Postby kimber507 » Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:34 am

Hi all

I am almost 37 with combo skin, prone to congestion and breakouts
About 2 yrs ago I was put on the entire obagi condition and enhance system (with tret cream...middle strength) and it transformed my skin...my ONLY complaint was that my skin was still bumpy/congested
My derm didn't have any suggestion for changing my routine...I tried differen gel and taz cream but still has bumps
I decided to stop obagi and try skin biology and after 3 mnths my skin looks awful
My hyper-pigmentation came back and I am having occasional breakouts that last forever
I want to see a new derm but don't want to spend the price for the products in office since they are so $ and I can get them on line much much less
Just wondering since I have been off for 3 mnths if I need the entire routine again or should try maint. program....does anyone have any suggestions?
Also, are all the pieces really necessary or can I/should I use a sep. cleanser, toner or s/s

Thanks so much, Kim
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Re: Questions about obagi (and recs for Jersey Dr)

Postby sunnyinva » Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:00 pm


I have the same issue as you.

I have used Obagi for a while and I love it, but I am still having breakouts, conjestion, and lots of blackheads. I just purchased Clenziderm (acne treatment) by Obagi and plan to use that in conjuction with my regular Obagi protocol to treat my age spots and help with skin turnover.

I'm actually waiting for KadeeBelle or a nurse to help me use Clenziderm in conjuction with Nu Derm.

Hope this helps. Maybe you can research the product for yourself.

Good luck,
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Re: Questions about obagi (and recs for Jersey Dr)

Postby clean » Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:51 pm

I'm neither a nurse nor a physician, just somebody who reads a lot of papers with a background in organic chemistry, cosmetic chemistry, and anatomy/physiology and I will submit that if you were still breaking out while using the products your skin was probably reacting to some of the emollients and/or emulsifiers in them, they are not one-type-fits-all products. The actives definitely kick some butt if you get the right formulations for your skin type, but this may take some experimenting.

You might have better luck with gel forms of tretinoin or tazarotene and hydroquinone. You can find a much higher quality and more protective sunscreen, usually these are European formulations with very high UVA protection ratings (USA does not currently rate UVA protection). Ask your derm for gel forms of the actives (tretinoin and hydroquinone) that are water or alcohol based. I think you will be happier with the results. And they will be much cheaper as well.
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