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Side Note: Anyone Happy w/their BIRTH CONTROL PILL?

Talk about anything you want that has nothing to do with plastic surgery, skin care, and anti-aging.

Postby myturn07 » Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:34 am

nomorumplytummy wrote:myturn07, WOW! That's awesome all you had to pay was $40, may I ask if you have a PPO plan? That's what I have. If that's my cost it would end up being much cheaper than even BC Pills!! May I ask if it is easy and painless to insert? What's involved and how long does it work for??!!

Many thanks!

Hey...yep, PPO. They insert it in the office, kinda like getting a pap smear. He did tell me to take a Naproxen prior to my appoointment. Just a slight momentary cramp feeling...it did come and go for a bit afterwards, but nothing constant.

I'm hoping in the next couple months it get's even better. It is already a godesend, as I would have to use tampon and pad, and still bleed through in no time due to clotting......it is a wonderful feeling to be able to put on only a "Baby" pad and barely need it! :lol:

It lasts 5 years, so yeah...really cheap!!

Edit to add:I did have to get pre-approval with insurance, which was no big deal. It needs to be inserted while you are on your period (at least according to my doc)....Also, funny.....the doctor will tell you that if your partner can "feel" the removal string, you can come back and he can trim it down.....so of course, I told my DH that, and it was rather comical they way he acted, as though he could feel it....he b*tched and moaned about it the first few times, and ever since, I have not heard one word out of him about it....so my advise....do not tell your DH that part.....if he feels it he will let you know, but don't bring it up! :P
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Postby Aphreal » Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:59 am

I take ortho tricyl but not for the reasons others do. I take it so I will have a period. Otherwise I have severe period problems and was facing a hysterectomy or Ablation. Since I was a young teen I have had this problem and over the course of almost 30 years, I have never found apill that I did not have pretty bad reactions to. I also had birthcontrol implants and that just threw my body into havoc. THe ortho is the first and only pill I have ever taken that gave me a period although I have slight breakthrough bleeding. However I have to workout like a hound (4-5x a week) to not gain weight. So, I hate and love the pill. It gives me a somewhat normal routine. It also helps with the PMDD because I don't have weeks and weeks of bleeding or months of bloating, spotting then a week in bed feeling like someone broke my back and bleeding to death.

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Postby AnnieBeansprout » Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:40 am


The Premsyn does help. I started it my first period after sx, after posting here. It helps me more than Midol. It doesn't take away all the symptoms, but it helps a lot.

The mirena does have hormones, just very low dose. That's how my doc explained to me. I have not thoroughly read through the pamphlet yet, but plan to do that today.

I could go in today and have it done, since they want you to do it during your ToM, and I am, but I am going on an 8 day road trip with my parents in mid September and I don't want to have to worry about spotting. So, I'll shoot for next month unless I go early again and start during the road trip.

Granted I am only guessing here, but if your hormones are as messed up as mine have been since surgery (although definitely way better now), you may want to wait a while. Ask the doc. You might not have the same experience with the symptoms if you are already messed up.

I am only guessing on that. May be totally wrong. But, if you have noticed huge hormonal changes due to surgery, most likely it is surgery related and will go away.

JM (very undeducated) O.
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Postby nomorumplytummy » Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:59 am

Thanks MYTurn07 and ABS...I've always had horrendous PMS but it is progressively worse postSX, almost to the point where I can barely function b/c of the pain! Yesterday I went on my back massager, did the heat pad on and off all day and downed Midol, to no avail...it even hurt just to lay in bed...I'm going to try and take an epsom salt bath today b/c I'm up 5 lbs since last week and swelling like crazy, that's also so uncomfortable, esp at night time.

I definitely want to to take a progesterone levels test b/c I'm fairly certain I'm deficient in several nutrients which is why I feel like crap 2 weeks out of every month. Unfortunately for the first 35 years of my life I neglected my body and didn't eat well or exercise so while it doesn't show on the outside, on the inside I think my organs, etc are a MESS!!!

Once I know where I'm deficient I may start the natural route and try to take Vitamin B6, Calcium, Evening Primrose, etc. I've heard people have had great results with just supplementing. Or possibly starting with a good women's multivitamin formula...

I went online and researched Mirena last night and I'm not sure...there are quite a few people who didn't like it but then you tend to hear mostly negative stuff when people get to the state where they actually go to post a review so it's hard to tell.

I really, really, really appreciate your and everyone's responses! Off to make an appt with my GYN now :P

Healing Hugs 2 All~
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Postby nomorumplytummy » Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:40 pm

UPDATE: Holy crap, never knew how busy GYN doc's are...I couldn't even make an appt until Jan for my doctor so am seeing a new one who's also recommended but I still can't see her until the end of October!!

In the meantime, I went to the Vitamin Shoppe today and bought a Natural Progesterone BALANCE CREME by Kokoro that came highly recommended by 2 VS staffers, as well as a Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Herbal Supplement by OONA. Should of also gotten a Vitamin B Complex supplement but DH and DKs were in the car waiting outside and felt I'd already taken quite a bit of time so will have to pick that up later in the week.

Has anyone tried any of these products?! Wish me luck and I'll update you on my findings...per the info it can take 1 to 3 mos to see results but at this point I'm willing to try anything esp since I can't get in to see my GYNs for almost 2 mos out!

Healing Hugs,
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