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what doe your screen name mean?

Talk about anything you want that has nothing to do with plastic surgery, skin care, and anti-aging.

Re: what doe your screen name mean?

Postby ModSquad » Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:01 am

Part of the Moderating Team here at at Make Me Heal (ModSquad) --- A VERY dear friend helped me come up with it ((((Miki))) and she is VERY missed, she WILL be back ~~~ so means a great deal to me...

My best,
Make Me Heal Senior Moderator
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Re: what doe your screen name mean?

Postby razzel » Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:19 am

I got this name from my sisters classmate. I like her name that why I use it here! :D
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Re: what doe your screen name mean?

Postby proudestmonkey » Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:54 am

Proudestmonkey - Its from my Favorite song and band, Proudest Monkey by Dave Matthews Band.

Walking tall, head high up and singing.......
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Re: what doe your screen name mean?

Postby maplegroove » Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:54 am

I grew up on Maple Groove Street.
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Re: what doe your screen name mean?

Postby ferris91 » Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:38 am

OhMeOhMyO wrote:I say "Oh me oh my oh, apple pie-o" when some thing shocks me. Me deciding to do the TT was SHOCKING :shock:

:D thats cute, my screen name is just my surname...
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Re: what doe your screen name mean?

Postby janeb81 » Thu Jun 04, 2015 4:27 am

Simply my name initials :)
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