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Where to Start When Decorating Your Home

Talk about anything you want that has nothing to do with plastic surgery, skin care, and anti-aging.

Where to Start When Decorating Your Home

Postby helgajones » Thu May 21, 2015 9:38 pm

Home decor trends come in and out of style pretty frequently, and we all go through a phase where are home décor becomes outdated and needs replacing. Depending on your creativity level, decorating your home can be fun with the end goal in mind, but getting there can be a challenge, especially if you are working on a budget. To others, decorating does not come as naturally, and therefore updating a home can be tedious and most often will not happen. No matter where you are on the creativity scale, here are some tips to help you update and decorate your home without the hassle and stress.

Keep your goals in mind

Before purchasing anything, know the exact décor style you want. Spend some time on the internet and flipping through magazines to see which décor styles stand out to you and which styles you could see in your home. No matter which styles you choose, always work with the goal of comfort in mind according to Lauren Conrad. You want your home to be beautiful, but also comfortable to those who reside in it, so do not overdo it with throw pillows or accessories that take up space and leave people feeling claustrophobic. Write down your goals and keep them with you so when the time comes to shop you can stay on track with your goals.

Stick to classic styles

If you do not want to update or replace your décor in a few short seasons, choose a classic or timeless style of décor. This all begins with the furniture you choose. Trendy furniture is fun, and can make a room shine, but before too long that furniture will be outdated and replacing furniture is costly. Choose furniture that can be modernized with throw pillows or a coffee table so when the time comes to update you do not have to worry about purchasing brand new furniture. Do your research to find out which furniture styles have withstood the test of time, but also give you the freedom to personalize and change them when you like.

Incorporate your personality

A home should represent those living in it, so do not be afraid to put your own personalized spin on your decor style. You might love the way your friends and family decorate their homes, so take their ideas, but make them yours so your home décor keeps up with the trends, but also remains unique to give your home character, and most importantly, reflect who you are.

Work with what you already have

Lastly, if you are working on a budget, do not be so quick to replace everything you have with new stuff. Work with items and space that you already have. Understand the limitations you are working with to make choosing paint colors, textures and décor work perfectly for you instead of creating a cluttered or closed in feel. Modernizing decor you already have will also save you money.

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