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A few quick question as I recover

A few quick question as I recover

Postby otomaticplasty » Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:09 pm

Hi guys,

I've found this community very helpful but have a few questions I haven't found answers to.

It has been nearly two weeks since my otoplasty (bilateral) and everything looks great. I am just a bit concerned about how careful I need to be with my ears. I accidentally bent one ear forward when trying to clean out dried blood behind my ear. I felt only slight pain for a second and no bleeding or anything. Can I be sure I did not break a suture (and how easy is it to accidentally do so?). Related to this, I realized that some of the dried blood I removed may have actually been small scabs...I did not know I was not supposed to remove scabs until I saw someone on this forum mention it. Again, no pain/bleeding, so do you guys think I need to worry about that?

And my final question, I am going on a bachelor trip with friends in a couple weeks (28 days after date of procedure) and will be sharing a room with friends. As such I am embarrassed to wear a headband to sleep (would not be able to explain why I am wearing it) and am wondering if it would be much of a problem if I didn't wear it for just 3 nights. I know you are supposed to wear it to sleep for 6-8 weeks but do you guys think not wearing it for a few days will be a big deal?

Sorry for rambling, as you can tell i've been a bit anxious about protecting my ears since the surgery, so any advice will really help!

Thanks for reading!
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