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Just took bandages off of son- a little worried

Just took bandages off of son- a little worried

Postby LM1213 » Fri Jun 21, 2013 2:19 pm

Hi all, so we struggled for a few years, but finely decided to take our 6 year old in for otoplasty. He has pretty significant cup ears. It helped that he seemed pretty excited about it too. He had the bandages on for a week, and there were a few bad moments, but he was mostly a champ.

Today, we went in to have the bandages removed and were quite surprised to see how predominant the ears still stuck out (like maybe 20-25% less than they used to) and and still had a pretty curved shape. We're wondering if swelling is to blame for some of this and they'll eventually settle back more to the head, or if the "unveiling" of the bandage should have been less of a shock. The top of his left ear was also rubbed completely raw by the bandages, but the doc says that will scab and heal in time.

We were so excited about the results and for him to move forward with that extra bit of confidence- but now we're wondering if it was 5k out the window. We plan to stick with the sports headband for a while- and hope for some encouraging words.. Just wanting the best outcome for our little guy. Thankfully, his comfort level through all this is pretty good.
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Re: Just took bandages off of son- a little worried

Postby Big-huge-mistake » Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:11 am

Otoplasty wont/shouldnt change the shape of the ear just puts it closer to the head. Swelling takes a couple of weeks to go down, when they fully relax they tend to come out a bit. As for the head band it only protects them does nothing for the position. You mentioned his ear was raw? That could be a problem or lead to one, keep intouch with the surgeon on that one. As for the 5 grand out of the window...Definitely!
Let them heal and dont have anymore stupid idea's because thats what it was. Otoplasty is wrong on so many levels.

All the best
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Re: Just took bandages off of son- a little worried

Postby Llamaboy12 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:00 am

I had chaffing due to the headband as well, it does heal but did hurt a bit. The ears should really be pinned back to the head IMO there is some rebound so keep that in mind. Also the shape should have changed regardless of swelling. Swelling may distort a little bit but not much. It really took close to a year for my ears to settle out and gain their full shape (no one would notice except me).

Document what is happening and did the doctor take measurements before and pictures? Those are your best tools to communicate that you want them pinned back more/shaped. Express your concerns early on too. Most legit doctors will fix either 1) for free if there is a def. error or not satisfactory results or 2) just have you cover hospital fees etc.

good luck hope it works out for you!
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Re: Just took bandages off of son- a little worried

Postby aj1971 » Tue Jan 19, 2016 2:56 am

how were things in the long term. my friend is considering having the procedure so I'm doing a little research. mostly people are positive about their experiences, but I'd like to minimise the risks by speaking to people with long term results?
i'd be interetsed to hear
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