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Otoplasty 22 years ago, photos inside, need advice

Otoplasty 22 years ago, photos inside, need advice

Postby steven2tea » Thu Oct 13, 2016 7:38 am


22 years ago I had Otoplasty and I'm very glad I did it. Here are three photos... the first 2 are of my brother and me, and the 3rd is me recently. PHOTO HERE ==> https://goo.gl/YScu3r

He doesn't have protruding ears and neither does my mom or dad. Now that I'm about to start to have a family I'm very curious if my kids will have protruding ears. Do you think it's a birth defect (would that pass to kids?) or somehow genetic?

Any advice or observations would be appreciated!
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Re: Otoplasty 22 years ago, photos inside, need advice

Postby U4EA » Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:31 pm

There's no way at all of telling if your kills will develop protruding ears or not. Just be prepared to fix the issue should it be a problem for you.

Maybe something such as earbuddies will be of interest to you.
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Re: Otoplasty 22 years ago, photos inside, need advice

Postby ErikWood » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:08 am

I know this thread is old, but for you and/or those who might still be interested....

I had bi-lateral otoplasty and, unfortunately, my kids inherited the condition from me. (My dad's ears protruded, so those great genes kept getting passed along--ugh.)

What you need to know is that there is a short window of opportunity in which you can dramatically correct ear-shape issues with a doctor applied device called EarWell. (Google it for full details.) When a child is born, for the first 7-21 days or so, there is an increased amount of estrogen in the child's blood from the mother that causes the cartilage to be reshapable. After the estrogen dissipates, the cartilage hardens. So when your child is born ... and you see an issue with their ear shape (protruding/Stahl's [did AWESOME on a Stahl's deformity!!] etc)... IMMEDIATELY contact a doctor who has experience with the EarWell system and get an IMMEDIATE appointment. (Most will take you even if they're booked because they know the window of opportunity closes quickly and forever.)

EarWell is pretty remarkable as it definitely does recreate a natural ear shape and beautifully forms the conchal bowl and anti-helix, but something must be said. Sometimes the conchal bowl continues to grow right when the estrogen-dissapation period ends and although the EarWell was successful in shaping the inside folds (and made a big difference), the ears may again protrude as the bowl continues to grow. This was immediately noticeable on my kids. The downside is that surgery could still be needed later. The upside is huge, however, because the EarWell gave my kids a normal appearing and nicely curved anti-helix that, from my experience, surgery doesn't do very naturally. Depending on your kids' own ear issue, the EarWell might give you 100% of what he or she needs. If not, it could do more than anything else to give a natural "internal construction" so that if you choose otoplasty (traditional or stitch) later, you will have a much more natural appearing ear when all is done.

But you can't wait. The day your child is born, you should already have the name(s) of doctors that you can call. The clock is ticking and you need to get the EarWell on him/her within DAYS or you lose the chance forever.

Good luck!
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