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Dr. Thomas Le review - revision otoplasty

Dr. Thomas Le review - revision otoplasty

Postby saum1 » Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:22 am

Hey guys, just wanted to give a review of Dr. Le in Maryland for otoplasty.

Background: I have large ears and they also stick out. My first surgeon (5 years ago) only was successful in bringing in the bottom part of my ears but the top part stuck out, making it look like I had bat ears. It was better than before, but I was not happy. I decided to get a revision with Dr. Le in late 2016 (about 8 months ago).

Result: I am very happy with the result. Dr. Le operated on the back of my ear and also on the top of my ear. So basically he was able to pin the back of my ear to my head but also the top front of my ear as well, which my primary doctor did not even mention as a possibility. I don't know the medical speak but this is what Dr. Le had written in an email: "the procedure would consist of a deprojection of the upper portion of your ear by deprojecting the excess upper conchal bowl and reducing projection of the helical root and helical rim, while keeping them in the same axis and in symmetry as much as possible." I don't even think about my ears anymore since they look great and there is no scarring.

Also, Dr. Le was able to fix some issues from the original surgery and was able to remove a piece of cartilage/suture (I don't remember which) which had caused a hard pea-sized lump in the back of my ear from the original surgery. That was great!

Bedside manner: Dr. Le has a particular bedside manner where he will explain everything to you slowly in extreme detail. This means a long consult. Even though at times I was impatient to keep moving forward, in the end I think it's good that he spends so much time with each patient as it shows he is not in a rush to get as many people in the door as possible. He also does only one surgery per day. He talks a lot about his approach and will make you sit through hearing about all the risks and having reasonable expectations, etc. It can get tedious, but at the same time, he was also willing to take all the time needed to answer my questions. In the end, for something as serious as plastic surgery, I will take this approach 10 out of 10 times vs. a rushed approach like I felt with my first surgeon.

Surgery experience: It was long. Took like 5 hours or so, under local anesthesia. A bit uncomfortable since I had to be laying on my back not moving very much for all 5 hours, so I got a bit of back pain. Looking back, it was worth it for money I saved to do local, but I could see how general anesthesia would be more comfortable for a long operation. The reason it took so long was that (a) it was a revision and (b) he measures like 3 times before cutting which I appreciate. Look I won't lie - it wasn't the most comfortable surgery or recovery, but it never is with otoplasty and that is well worth the result for me.

In summary, 5 out of 5 stars, and I would trust Dr. Le for another plastic surgery in the future if I decided to go that route.
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