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African American nose same as Asian noses?

Dr. Paul Nassif specializes in all nose surgery procedures

African American nose same as Asian noses?

Postby rememberme123 » Sun Dec 06, 2009 4:04 am

Dear Dr Nassif,

I am a chinese (asian) girl who is bothered by the width of my nose and my voluminous nasal tip.. I would like to make my nose smaller and more feminine, esp. at the tip, while reducing the width of my nose.

I am still in the phase of research for surgeons and I would like to ask if african americans have similar nasal anatomy as asians? I have seen a few surgeons who produced remarkable work on african americans and the degree / type of change shown in the before and after photos is similar to what I desire for my surgery. Am I right to say that african american noses and asian noses are somewhat similar in the sense that we have similarly thick skin, weak cartilage structure and shorter dorsal bones? If that's the case, can surgeons who specialize in african american noses operate on asian noses by applying the same knowledge and surgical experience?

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

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Re: African American nose same as Asian noses?

Postby DrNassif » Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:58 pm


The answer to your question is yes. Certain aspects of the anatomy are the same and I do the same types of procedure. I will increase projection on the nasal tip usually with a shield graft, narrow and augment the dorsum and perform alar base reduction.
I am an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist, and have operated successfully on many asian noses and obtained excellent results. For examples of ethnic procedures I have performed, please see my website at www.rhinoplastyspecialist.com. In addition, please feel free to send any photos to Lisa, my patient care coordinator at Lisa@spaldingplasticsurgery.com and I would be happy to evaluate them for you. Thank you and best of luck.

Dr. Nassif
Paul S. Nassif, MD, FACS
Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology
120 S. Spalding Dr., Ste 315
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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