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Fidgeting with my nose :(

Dr. Paul Nassif specializes in all nose surgery procedures

Fidgeting with my nose :(

Postby siersi » Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:20 pm


I had closed nose surgery almost 1 month ago to have my nose straightened and a hump removed. I was pretty pleased with the results after the cast was taken off, my nose was perfectly straightened and the bridge was flat. The only issue was a small bump on the right side of my bridge, which my doctor assured me was mostly swelling. At the post-op appointment he used his finger to add pressure to the bump and push it in place (it hurt really bad), and he said that for 2-3 weeks I could use this pressure technique to push my nose back into position if it were to misalign while sleeping, or if I bumped it in my sleep.

The problem is, I think I kind of obsessed over it and found myself constantly pushing at that area a lot and applying pressure to my bridge for any other perceived flaws. So now 1 month later, I look at my profile and I noticed that I'm getting a hump back on my bridge. After the cast I had no bump in my profile, but now I do in all of my pictures.

I'm worried I created the bump on my bridge myself with all my fidgeting. Is it common for post-op patients to sometimes suffer from this type of fidgeting compulsion, and do you think I ruined my nose job as a result? Because now I feel I'll have to go in for a revision.

Thanks for your time. I'm glad I found such a great forum to ask these type of questions.
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Fidgeting with my nose

Postby DrNassif » Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:24 pm

Dear Siersi,

I don’t think you moved your nose and you will be fine. I would recommend that if you feel you are getting a bump back on the bridge of the nose, that you schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon.

Most likely everything will be fine, just stop fidgeting and leave your nose alone as you heal.

Good luck,

Dr. Nassif
Paul S. Nassif, MD, FACS
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