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Say No To Phalloplasty!

Say No To Phalloplasty!

Postby saynotophalloplasty » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:28 am

i had a normal six inch long and six inch in girth penis. i still chose to go for phalloplasty for length and girth enhancement. this has become the biggest mistake of my life and now for more than two years i am living with a disfigured penis. i have had the surgery almost five times and spent close to usd 8,000. it has also slightly decreased in length and the skin has been removed.

it has led to mental, financial and physical torture. now two years later, i am going to go for maybe two more surgeries in the hope everything gets restored to normalcy.

hence, i am not in support of phalloplasty for length and girth increase of male penis. please refrain if you want to be a normal, not just a better guy. not only this, you can spend that close to usd 8k or usd 10k towards buying a car or towards a house, gadget or so… a big and costly mistake could even end with life! hence, guys refrain always. be happy with what your mom gave you 
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Re: Say No To Phalloplasty!

Postby orlandopunk » Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:15 am

wow u messed up dude, you should have done way more research before going for this, ironically I have the same measurements as you, 6 inches of girth is perfect, and 6 inches length is more than enough, all girls love the girth, that is all you needed, you got hooked into porn believing all men have big penises

with 6 inches of girth, I'm bigger than 98% of men

are you still able to have an erection?

You could have used that money to improve your face, or liposuction

hope everything gets better for you
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