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Collapsing nose

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Collapsing nose

Postby ridlinga » Wed May 09, 2018 3:17 pm

Hi everyone,

I have been lingering around for a while, and at last, have decided to make a post. I am in a very difficult situation, and knowing someone else's experience similar to mine would make a huge difference to how I am feeling as of now. I will try to keep it as brief as possible.

I had rhinoplasty when I was 18, I am 24 now. I loved my nose for the first 6 months. At 6 months, my tip started to pinch. I thought that was my only problem. The nose did not look that horrible, I had a child and anyways I was not obsessed with it that much. I never liked it though and was conscious of a 'bad nose job' in the middle of my face.

Last year, in March, I woke up with a horrible burning sensation near my sinuses and a headache. I thought it was a sinus infection so I did saline wash and antibiotics. Since then my nose is literally collapsing day by day. My upper lateral cartilages are completely detached from my nasal bone. They are fallen inwards so much that I am scared my whole nose will collapse. As if this was not enough, I have a thin skin which shrinks and adapts to this collapsed and smaller structure. Dr. Hilinski told me during the Skype consultation that it will be a challenge to stretch my skin. I also live with pain, no sense of smell, sense of dryness to the point that it feels like my nasal skin is stuck to the cartilaginous structure underneath. I am researching for top revision rhinoplasty surgeons and even though I don't have money and only started to save up I am so scared of revision rhinoplasty. I just have no hope. I know that I should get this fixed because I can only live with it to the point that I get it fixed. If any of you are in the same situation please please share with me
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