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Lips Scarred, Dry and Cracked - Permanent Condition, it seem

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Lips Scarred, Dry and Cracked - Permanent Condition, it seem

Postby Hard2Luv » Tue Nov 24, 2015 2:40 pm

Lips scarred, cracked, dry, darkened

I believe my lips came into contact with a contaminated lotion, and from then on, there was gradual break down in the outer tissue of the lower lip. It is no longer hydrating itself, and lip skin - dermis appears very unhealthy.

I know there's a continuum of Lip Health and at this point, I don't look too much different than people with naturally unhealthy lips.
Still, I've gone through a drastic change in self-image, to the point where I avoid contact and don't venture out to see my friends.
For a long time, I though I had a disease, and was unable to date or kiss, afraid to come into contact with anyone else

Here's a short photo gallery, where you can see the effect it had on my lips:

Originally, I had considered this to be herpes related, or a cheilitis - but I'm reevaluating and think my case is unique.

Is this a Disease or Can I rule that out ???
If anyone has cosmetology tips, for improving this condition, please let me know. I've even considered surgery - but again, this is unique. Originally I had consulted dermatologists - that proved to be useless. Still looking for solutions.
thank you for reading

Here's another gallery - Very Strange !
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