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Bump on left side of nose

Bump on left side of nose

Postby BettyBoo » Wed Jun 28, 2006 3:41 am


I had rhinoplasty done in the UK on 4th May 2006. I am now 7 weeks post op and there is a very hard bump on the left side of my nose. It is visible too and gives an effect that the nose is twisted to the right (a little bit like the letter C). I went to see my surgeon and he explained that it is some sort of bone healing from when my nose was broken during the rhinoplasty. I'm not too convinced and am very worried. It really bothers me when I run my fingers down my nose coz I can feel the large bump.

Has anyone experienced this and if so, how long does it take for it to go? Does anyone know what it is?
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similar problem

Postby cilly » Tue Jul 04, 2006 10:36 am

Hi BettyBoo,

I also had the EXACT same problem after my first rhino surgery. The doctor told me the same thing, that the "bump" on the right side would swell down after 6 months. And I know what you mean by feeling your fingers down the nose, it's really sad. I didn't want to take any pictures when out in public, or leave the house for that matter, because I saw my unsymmetrical nose everyday in the mirror and knew that others would notice. My best friend admitted that the unsymmetry was obvious, so I didn't leave the house as much. I waited after a year and returned for a second surgery with the same doctor (bad decision). What I noticed was that the side wasn't swollen, what happened was that the doctor didn't want to admit that he did a poor job to my nose. My regret was letting him do the second procedure so he can "fix" my nose. I learned that if he didn't do the surgery right the first time, chances are that he wouldn't do any better the second time.

My advice to you is that if your case is like mine, wait for six months so your nose can fully heal and return to the same doctor for a copy of the 'before' pictures that he has saved under your file. Ask what went wrong (you know instinctively that something's wrong) and also obtain the 'after' pictures that he will take. If you are really unsatisfied with your nose, I would suggest going to another doctor with more experience and find one who has experience with secondary surgeries which are more difficult than primary. I think that an open rhinoplasty would be better for revision because it will allow the surgeon to see better under your nose, instead of working "in-the-dark". Then explain to that surgeon what the first surgeon said about what went wrong and show him (or her) the B&A pictures. I'm telling you what I went through and I don't know if it's good advice, but I'm telling you what I learned from experience. I wish you the best and I hope that both of us can come out of this with a symmetrical nose. Good luck!
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Postby BettyBoo » Tue Jul 04, 2006 11:31 am

Hi thanks for your reply, I'm confused. Its now 8 weeks post op and the swelling seems to have gone down quite a bit but not that bump its still there. I think the nurse messed up because she couldnt get the cast off and so she litterally pulled it off my nose I could feel my nose being pulled. I've raised this with the practice manager and she assured me that that wouldnt have caused the bump.

Now that i'm getting used to my nose I like the fact that the hump on the bridge has gone but its still a little elongated and big so I want the tip to be filed down slightly so it looks good from the profile because at the moment there seems to be a dip.

I know where you are coming from about it going wrong the second time - I'm really nervous about that but I paid so much money just to have the hump removed and I would prefer it if I got value for money i.e. the tip fixed as well.

Im not sure about my surgeon - my sisters have met him and they think he's really good. I also know someone who has had a nose job by him and she didnt have any problems.

So did your bump on the side go away? Are you happy with your revision?
Do you have any photos?
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Postby Shell1 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 12:38 pm

had mine done on the 1st june and as soon as cast came off after 10days i saw a small lump in centre of bridge and then noticed one to the left of it.contacted surgeon who sd to early to tell and wd review at 6 months no earlier.
i had lg bump removed and tip refined which is great so am disappointed to have these two small lumps spoiling the new look.when i look at reflection they appear obvious as they are white around .looks as if i bn wearing heavy glasses and they left two dents in nose.
watchd a programme where someone had similar prob following nose job but surgeon did it within a couple of weeks( extreme make over programme) so i assume you can get it done sooner just that PS wd rather see if they disappear on thier own.
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