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does rhinoplasty really change the way we look?

Re: does rhinoplasty really change the way we look?

Postby taybabe » Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:52 am

I am currently going through this right now. I feel when the cast came off, I looked dramatically different---something I did not want. My nose looked too small, in contrast what most people go through. I am only 3 weeks post-op, but I am slowly starting to see my old self come back (or maybe I am getting used to the results?).
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Re: does rhinoplasty really change the way we look?

Postby Rhinosucks » Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:34 pm

I liked how I looked.. Had no desire for rhinoplasty. Wasnt winning a academy award of nose awards, but my big humpy bulbous long nose was perfect for me.
I ended up having rhino with septum, when I specifically told my doctor I didnt want plastic surgery that morning. We battled he won. I had NO IDEA what he was going to do,, reduce my humps (but I asked him not to if it required shortening and narrowing nose---he narrowed and broke my nose) and shorten my nose (first thing I said was do not shorten my nose---I like my tip, bulbous, how long my nose is--he got me to change it to a "tad" shorter--wtf does that mean?) So dumb, I was yelling inside this cant be happening..
here we are. I regret showing up.
well he kept saying " you wont look different, you but better" and I believed him. He lied.
ITS PLASTIC SURGERY..had me convinced it really wasnt, you but better, you wont look different.
ITS PLASTIC SURGERY, you do look different. Subtly different in person, stark difference in pictures (and not a positive difference) No more selfies for me.
My friends say you are still pretty, but you were stunning before. All the unique characteristics, ethnic features are gone. I didnt want a bland short straight nose.
I hate it. I hatE myself for being an idiot and being pressured into surgery that not only i never wanted, but that I never even participated in the design of.
Stick with your natural nose, you will look different, and the swelling, the changes aint worth it.
unless your nose is unsightly stick with. I was prettier and unique before, was my mother and father combined, my family history in my face. I dont recognize myself. Its devastating.
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Re: does rhinoplasty really change the way we look?

Postby peaceandjoy » Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:48 am

charmaa wrote:It's been two years now since my rhinplasty, which totally took me by surprise with the way it changed my face. Now, 2 years later, I am wondering if I ever really looked that different after all. Have I just adjusted to the changes over time, has my nose undergone subtle changes over this time making it more like my old nose, or have I just forgotten how I looked before? what is it? I was so overtaken with grief over the changes the new nose brought to my face initially (in fact so much so that I was committed to getting a revision)- but now...

Can someone help me out on this one??

of course. your nose is in the middle of your face and takes up such a large chunk of real estate :)

most likely you have forgotten how u look before and got use to it, ask a family or colleague to compare your old photos with you now?
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Re: does rhinoplasty really change the way we look?

Postby Metooplease » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:28 pm

It makes a huge difference if you have a terrible nose to begin with.
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