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Has my nose collapsed? (Picture)

Has my nose collapsed? (Picture)

Postby daramara09 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:09 am

Hello everyone, first time posting here :)

I had rhinoplasty about a week and a half ago, I use to have a very large nose, luckily this got fixed and my side profile looks much better. Today I had a look at my nostrils and wow it looks messed up! Looks a lot like every collapsed picture I've seen on the web. Now my surgeon was very good and I can't believe this happened :cry: . I can breathe fine and when I inhale deeply nothing changes. Is this normal or swelling?
PS: picture looks grim, due to dry skin, blackheads and blood etc Sorry haha

http://imgur.com/a/maeFI (right one but left on the picture)

Thank you guys :)
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Re: Has my nose collapsed? (Picture)

Postby LoveMyTB » Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:35 am

No, your nose doesn't look collapsed. It's going through swelling changes and its normal to have a tip leaning to one side just a tad. Not everyone will have a straight tip, actually, most noses don't have it that even. I hope your recovery is going well. Be patient its a very slow process and stop reading horror stories on the internet. Stay off boards and stop reading what can happen to your nose.
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