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How to choose the right revision expert?

How to choose the right revision expert?

Postby platinumd » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:02 am

Hi all,

It's been a while since I have been herer. My primary was done by Dr. GOlden ten years ago. I rated him 3 stars on real self. My nose isn't the worst but it definitely has both functoinal and obvious aesthetic issues.

I am finalyl ready to get a revision and I am having a hard time deciding.

I have consulted with several LA surgeons but decided against them.

I have narrowed it down to Hilinski and Dr. Davis (waiting time is long haven't consulted in person yet)

I do think both are qualified and skilled. I like Hilinskis look. He does a very good job being conservative and also fixing the shading issues I often see in patients. He is obviously qualified trained by toriumi and harvard graduate. My issue is he seemed rushed during the consult, and he said I might need to have another surgery after this revision. This bothered me greatly because as you all know what an ordeal and cost this is. When I sent some follow up questions of if I am going to have to pay for another revision if it is needed, the response was we won't know until one year later what the cost would be. I was hoping he would say I can definitely improve your nose (in which case even a minor improvement then i would not get another revision). Since he didn't I am questioning if he is the right choice.

I haven't consulted with Davis yet but in his email he was super polite and his wife who called me was very thorough in answering my questions. I have a good feeling that I will like Davis and his bedside manner. I do think that he has a more fluid aesthetic ideal because his website often states (ideal is up to the patient and varies). I am also confused on why the length of time Davis keeps you under is about 6-8 hours. Is that good or bad? Hilinski stated 3-4 hours.

I also hear lots of positive feedback on how Dr. Davis treats patients even the ones with outcomes that they are not happy with. I have seen people complain about Davis and yet when I see their nose I see a marked improvement.

Hilinski had a yelp review and in the girls profile picture you can see she really has a bad nose job and she claimed he was terrible to her afterwards.

I am not stuck on these surgeons but I have spent many years looking and these were the two I came back to check on.

Any and all feedback welcome. Please no fighting on my thread.
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Re: How to choose the right revision expert?

Postby RustyS » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:22 pm

I haven't looked into Hilinski but Davis was definitely on my radar. I called his office and they told me to send him an email, but I never received a reply so I struck him off my list of surgeons to consider. If a surgeon is that uncommunicative with prospective patients, it makes me wary about how communicative they would be if a surgery doesn't go as planned.

Hilinski's response to your revision question strikes me as a bit iffy. I can understand reticence regarding surgical outcomes, but I think a surgeon should at least be able to give you a rough outline of what you'd need to pay if you need another surgery.

May I ask which LA surgeons you consulted with and why you decided against them?
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Re: How to choose the right revision expert?

Postby Flowerypearl » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:03 pm

I, too, am searching for a good revision rhinoplasty surgeon. I'm wary of most surgeons because there are so many reviews either without photos (which are unreliable imo) or a few reviews with devastating results. Any thoughts on Dr. Ion in England?
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