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Dr. John W. Siebert N.Y and WI.HELP!!!

Dr. John W. Siebert N.Y and WI.HELP!!!

Postby mamuka » Wed May 23, 2007 3:57 pm

Did anybody have rhino done by this doc?I`m scheduled to have septorhinoplasty in Wisconsin in 1 week :shock: And he still did not show me his pictures as he promised :( .He is working in N.Y but started working also in Wisconsin since this december but he only did brests, tummy tuck and face and he did not do any rhino in Wisconsin clinic so nobody can tell me if he really telling me truth that he did 1000 noses in NY.He said he does 5-6 noses in month is it normal or too little?But he was in this practice for 15 years.At our first appoitment he said he has his pictures in NY and when his nurse called me in 1 month and said it is ready, so i came and he said do not be mad but they scaned it into digital and it too bad quality so he taking them back to ny to redo it and he`ll call me when they are ready defenetly before my surgery.But now only 1 week left and still no answer.Does that look strange??
And on his folio from clinic it is saying that he was on top NY surgeon list and county magazine but i did not find this info in internet.
I called his nY clinic and reseptionist confurmed that he did 1000 noses but she worked there only for 1 year.
So if smbd knows about him, pls shareyour story cause he does not have even his website.Thanks
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