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Kissing and Sex 8 weeks after nose job - please help!

Kissing and Sex 8 weeks after nose job - please help!

Postby hellotomorrow » Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:54 am

I would love to hear from as many people as possible about this topic, whether relaying advice their doctor gave them to sharing personal experiences...the person I am dating is coming to visit me next month (exactly 2 months post-op) and we have....passionate sex. I am TERRIFIED of undermining my results as I now breathe and look so much better. I had osteotomies and tip work. My septum was also dramatically reduced. My doctor's only real assurance was "contact sports are okay after 6 weeks, just be careful."

But I am worried/curious about a few things:
1. Basic kissing. The nose gets bumped a lot with kissing, especially when it heats up! My tip is now very nice and refined, how will the cartilage not be affected if it keeps bumping against someone's face?
2. I am worried about bumping my nose while having sex, whether their hands bumping me or hitting a pillow or something. Especially if it becomes passionate/rough?
3. Oral sex...worried about my tip again. Risk of being bumped directly on tip or from an upward motion if the person begins thrusting.

I know this is all a little uncouth but I'm very into this person and want to see them terribly...yet also terrified I'll undermine my investment. Curious what people's experiences were personally or what knowledge they may have to offer!!
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