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Review of Dr Jennifer Parker Porter (ethnic rhino)

Review of Dr Jennifer Parker Porter (ethnic rhino)

Postby thatanonygirl » Wed May 12, 2010 3:27 pm

I just got my nose done by Dr. Porter. Before I got it done I looked all over the place online including the message boards here for a review. Didn't find any.

So I feel I should do a review of my experience, especially since Dr. Porter was so incredibly helpful and accessible throughout the entire process.

This is lengthy so apologies... maybe someone out there will appreciate the details, if not summary is the first bullet:

* "Executive Summary": Very happy with Dr. Porter's work perfecting my "ethnic" nose to my specifications. I wanted a subtle change and guided her to do that to my nose. My ultimate goal is to look just a touch prettier and hopefully just a touch younger too (prominent noses seem to get "beaky" and boney sooner which is aging). She initially suggested something more narrow, etc. but was fine when I requested something even more subtle - and best of all, she was OK with leaving my nose "straight" (I have teeny bump like Kim Kardashian that's not noticeable except to experts like, um, plastic surgeons - http://myvegasscene.com/blog/wp-content ... llipop.jpg shows Kim's bump - yes it's that teeny and I want to keep it, it's part of my heritage and I don't want a scooped nose). Her before and after care was great, she was and continues to be very accessible and friendly, even fun to talk to. She answers all of my questions and checks up on me. It feels almost like she's running a boutique surgery shop, where there a strong one-to-one focus, rather than focusing on trying to grow her practice and make gobs of money like some other plastic surgeons do (nothing wrong with that, that's why they worked so hard to get matched into that specialty and do all those fellowships, etc., but I do wonder how it might impact the risk side of getting what you want).

* My goal: I wanted a very subtle rhino that maintains the shape of my nose but perfects it. I don't have huge issues with my nose but know that it could be a better version of itself. I'm of Indian descent and wanted to keep my straight nose and ethnic features.

I'd gotten into my late 20s and it started to get too bony and pointed, and I thought trimming it up a bit would probably help the shape and keep me looking young (people with small noses seem to look younger longer). The change I was looking for was small scale, like J Lo's or Beyonce's "tweaks." Other examples of the scale of change I'm talking about:

Queen Letizia of Spain's (slightly bigger scale of change but still pretty subtle):
http://www.hojadigital.com/images2005/p ... -224px.jpg BEFORE
http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/Y1QTqM9T ... ss+Letizia AFTER

I planned on not telling ANYONE about this surgery, so it was very important to me that the change not be obvious. I wanted my nose to just look the way it does when the perfect lighting and angle hits it when I was younger, if that makes sense. I wanted a perfected version of my nose.

If you contact me I can probably show you before and afters, and who I was modeling my "perfect" nose after.

* My history with Dr. Porter: I originally found her through a mag. and went to her for fillers in my tear troughs a little over a couple of years ago (age 26). Been super happy with her work these past few years on a few parts of my face.

From the start in addition to fillers and skin care, I've also had consultations with her on my nose. Each time she'd give me an updated price quote, which varied.

These past couple of years I've really focused on trying to understand my nose, what makes a nose look good, etc. Finally a few months ago I felt ready, I just needed to find the time when I could hide out from the world.

* My consultation: like I mentioned, I've been talking to Dr. Porter about my nose during my other appointments for a few years. When I was ready to truly take the plunge, I had an appointment to chat with her. As usual she was very candid, clear and precise about what could be done and her recommendations.

After I put my down payment and booked a surgery time, I was to have a final couple of consults to get ready. At the first official pre-surgery appointment she took pics. I asked to do the imaging technology. It was no problem - I think the only reason she didn't make the first move to suggest it is because I'd been talking about my nose for so many years (how much more are we gonna talk about my subtle teeny tiny tweaks right :-) )

The nose Dr. Porter showed me on the computer was too much of a change from what I wanted, so am I glad we did that! She made my nose look too narrow (imo) and I let her know that I wanted to keep most of the width, only narrow it a teeny bit and of course some tip work, if she thinks "It will look good to just change those things a little bit," and not an uneven change. She said that was fine, sounds like it will be very minimal changes.

My favorite part was that she said it was up to me whether to take down the bridge or not (my teeny tiny bump).
She actually said if I shave it down too much it might end up making my nose look a little bit longer, ironically. Seeing the after results let's just say I am so, so glad I listened to her :-) I don't know if my nose would look as subtle and ethnic if I had shaved it down. I did let her know thought that if when she started working on it the bump looked really bad for some reason I'd be fine with her shaving it down a hair (I think she didn't expect that to be the case though, she knows her job obviously, but she didn't act like I was weird for saying that fortunately :-) ).

I got a bad cold in the meantime which could be problematic for surgery, and Dr. Porter saw me not once but two more times before surgery to check me out.

Her staff was also very helpful with checking in on me, telling what to expect during surgery and after, etc. Monte sat down with me to go over all the after care instructions in detail and give me a saline bottle, gauze, tape, etc. - my own little after care bag :-)

I think the "boutique" style of her practice helped with there being so much personal care. I really felt I could reach out to them with questions without getting pushback. I'd contrast this with when I had shopped around PSs and there were some that had waiting rooms filled with patients, and it felt like it was total clockwork, in and out, to see the doc.

Oh and about cost... the final price I paid actually ended up being the least I've ever been quoted by her! I think it's because it was clear I wasn't getting a lot done. Dr. Porter seemed to think it would be easy, which made me go hmmm at first because how easy can nose surgery be, especially when subtle? Wouldn't it be easier to just cut up the nose and totally change it? At one of my post-ops she explained that it was almost textbook because I had so much good cartilage, etc. to work with.

* Why I chose her: in addition to my positive past experiences with her, it was her resume credentials and the fact she teaches as well. She trained under Toriumi, and I've read that some people here don't like Dr. Toriumi because I guess he takes a longer-term view to shaping the nose? And goes for more subtle results? For me this wasn't an issue since I wanted subtle.

By the way, seeing the initial quite different nose she marked up for me in the computer tool and patient examples I don't think she only does subtle work. I imagine that if someone wanted to completely resculpt a new nose, she can and would do it (just guessing). In my many discussions with her about my nose she has alluded to how some people want to change things a lot, which indicates to me she's done that type or work. I just can't talk to that scenario.

Also, on a side note about her being a female minority plastic surgeon - this to me was not an issue, and was actually kind of a plus. I have friends doing medical residency including surgery, and I know how tough it is for a female to crack into surgery, let alone plastics. It's a very, very macho and b@llsy speciality and you have to really know your stuff - especially as a woman, even more so if you seem kind of "soft." They will just run you over and next thing you know you're out (I think... don't know anyone who's gotten kicked out but there are some docs. who aren't board certified so...). Part of me figured she must be extra smart and good at her work to have survived and gotten into such an elite medical specialty. :-) Also the fact that she is familiar with ethnic noses made me feel more comfortable that she wouldn't try to apply a particular race's aesthetic to me (most of the other patients I've noticed in the waiting room have been white females though, just as an observation by the way... just feel I should put that out there because I could imagine some people thinking she only focuses on ethnic noses or something).

* The surgery: I was sooo nervous of course, wondering why I had chosen to do this. Reading MakeMeHeal's message board the weekend before, I started to think I rushed into it. I should have visited other doctors again (like I did in the beginning), and maybe I shouldn't have done it since people say if your nose is pretty much fine don't take the risk. Oh well, I had decided on it so it was time to go with the flow.

The day of surgery I report to the clinic and was amazed at how nice everyone was from the RN to the anesthesiologist. They were all very personable, triple checking what I was getting done, etc. That helped a lot with the fears of them mixing me up with another patient and giving me a facelift or something. Dr. Porter also dropped by, she was her normal calm and kind self. It was reassuring to see her lovely and composed face.

I went under, it was scary but it knocked me out (thank goodness). It was weird coming to, never have done surgery before so it was all new experiences for me. I threw up a little, was really dizzy, then the nurse I hired came to get me and take me home. (Like I mentioned, I didn't tell a single *soul* that I was getting this done, not even family)

Dr. Porter called either that day and/or the next, not totally sure (haha). She said all went fine. I saw her the next day to get the stuffing (or whatever it's called) out of my nostrils.

For potential swelling she had me on a sleep elevation and low-sodium diet thing. She sort of described swelling as a natural process of healing you have to go through. I didn't ask her about arnica and ice and all that, but she did mention that the biggest thing I could do is stay elevated. Her not pushing me to get all sorts of fancy stuff was fine with me, it seemed practical and real somehow.

So a suuuuuper boring week went by, won't go into details about how I dealt with the bathing, food and boredom issues. I was so ready to get the cast off and see the final results.

Also... turns out she ended up doing a closed rhino. I was glad because that meant I wouldn't have to deal with some gross scar on my columella :-)

* Getting the cast off: it didn't hurt at all, she poured some stuff on my cast and then gently removed it with some sort of small pinchers tool. I was so nervous, was it going to be too narrow? Too different? Ugly? Too piggy (my nose tip had been taped up to be slightly elevated, Dr. Porter said that was to prevent too much droop)?

It was fine! I was amazed actually, I looked prettier! My eyes were standing out just a bit more even though I didn't have eye make-up! It looked like my nose, but like a better more petite and perfect version of it. Dr. Porter did warn me that it was already a bit swollen, and the tapes had left and impression, but I was OK with it. I actually hoped the swelling wouldn't go down too much because again, I'm avoiding the too narrow/long and bony look.

And I was also glad my nose looked proportional with keeping it straight with the teeny bump. I was a little worried I would end up with a tiny pelican nose but that's not it at all.

Funnily Dr. Porter mentioned that over the weekend she had seen a movie and was thinking that my nose is kind of like the main actress in that movie. Not a huge deal but again, sort of reminded me that I'm a patient-person to her, not a patient-number (and that she seems to have a passion for noses if she's noticing them in normal situations).

* Longer recovery: My nose swelled up a bit more but it's looking pretty good. I was worried for a bit that the tip was elevated too much, and that the normal slight pointiness we Indians seem to have would be gone. I hoped and hoped the tip would drop, and actually it did start to. Phew. Hopefully it will droop some more. Also just today I noticed that one side seems to be swelling a bit more. I hope it's just swelling from sleeping on the other side and not scar tissue or anything.

In all the front view changed the most.

Thanks for reading and do let me know if you have questions about anything I didn't already cover. I'll try to post some updates in the coming months.
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Re: Review of Dr Jennifer Parker Porter (ethnic rhino)

Postby Blue72 » Wed May 12, 2010 6:27 pm

Hey thanks for the review....glad you are happy with the results!!!
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Re: Review of Dr Jennifer Parker Porter (ethnic rhino)

Postby dangerouscurves » Wed May 12, 2010 7:07 pm

nice detailed informative post for everyone to read

Multiple plastic surgeries, rhino,FL,TT,lipo,fat grafting,
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Re: Review of Dr Jennifer Parker Porter (ethnic rhino)

Postby VANITY_BONET » Sat May 15, 2010 8:16 pm

Jennifer Lopez has a nose job? She need a refund it look awful like it did back in the in living color days...I mean who get a nose job without a nice tip?
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Re: Review of Dr Jennifer Parker Porter (ethnic rhino)

Postby brown123 » Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:26 am

Thanks for posting your story. I am also interested in hiring a nurse to be with me since i don't really have anyone to come with me. How did you go about hiring her, how long did she stay with you? Did you and her actually stay in the same hotel room? What did she do for you while she was there, like did she make you food and clean your nose. I am totally clueless about the whole "rent-a-nurse" thing. Will you post before and after pics?
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Re: Review of Dr Jennifer Parker Porter (ethnic rhino)

Postby bellaaka2008 » Wed Sep 22, 2010 5:28 am

Hi...I am scheduled to have a consult with Dr Parker for rhinoplasty within the next couple of weeks. Would you be willing to email me before and after pictures or speak with me about your experience.
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