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Revision Septorhino surgeons suggestions (GTA/Canada)

Revision Septorhino surgeons suggestions (GTA/Canada)

Postby Sandy992 » Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:48 pm

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any reviews/opinions for some of these surgeons:
-Dr. Ashlin Alexander
-Dr. Andres Gantous
-Dr. Cory Goldberg
-Dr. Sarfaraz Banglawala (In particular Dr. Banglawala, he's the one I liked the most, but I can't find many reviews)

I'm a bit nervous and anxious now as I was botched after my septorhino with David Hacker (Toronto Rhinoplasty clinic) and he was absolutely horrid after. I had revision with another surgeon, but barely anything was corrected, other than the inverted-v to a certain extent. Right now I'm just looking to correct my:

- deviated septum (+the crookedness caused by that)
- grafts or something just to camouflage ridges from where my bones were broken during primary+smooth transition from bones to upper laterals.
-Alar batten or strut grafts for weak alars (one side was buckled after my primary and not corrected in revision + both sides collapse/pinch in, particularly when I breathe)
-Alar rim grafts to fix contour/transition from nostril to nose tip (looks like a ball/just weird, creases go on sides of tip) + if it fixes retraction that's good too, but not something I need.

So really I just want my deviated septum/crookedness fixed and just alars strengthened/supported. I'm not looking to make my nose smaller or anything. I just want the breathing corrected and it to be strong/stable so it won't collapse further as I age. Any recommendations or your own experiences with the above doctors would be great. It's been a horrible experience so far (thanks so much hacker for ruining my life...)
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Re: Revision Septorhino surgeons suggestions (GTA/Canada)

Postby syndicate » Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:31 pm

see Dr Peter Adamson
known among his peers as a revision expert, frequently teaches rhinoplasty for the american academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons
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Re: Revision Septorhino surgeons suggestions (GTA/Canada)

Postby Sandy992 » Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:16 pm

Thank you for replying! I contacted his office and was told he was retiring. So he's not taking any more patients, they referred me to Dr. Gantous. My family physician referred me to Dr. Banglawala (I had a another doctor recommend him to). I'm leaning towards him, but I'm really nervous and was hoping to see if anyone else had experiences with these surgeons.
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