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6 years post op, wanting revision. Pics attached

6 years post op, wanting revision. Pics attached

Postby rose_bxx » Mon May 01, 2017 8:06 am

Hi everyone

I had my primary op with Dr Oelbrandt at the Singleberg clinic in Belgium. I will be honest and say at first I was in love with my new nose. The hump had gone and that was all I cared about! But as the months went by it was obvious there were problems. The tip seemed to be quite wide from the front and hung down which really resembled my old nose in photos. I was very upset but I put it down to swelling

Unfortunately, 6 years later it is worse than ever. I really don't understand how my nose has got bigger after the swelling had gone down!

I am looking for a revision and have been researching Tim Woolford (UK), Michael Tyler (UK), Dr Aiache/Dr Duron (France) and Dr Gilbert Nolst Trenite/Dr Menger (Amsterdam). If anyone has any experience with any of these that would be great?

I really need some help discovering good revision surgeons in the UK and Europe. I keep scrolling through all the forums going round in circles. Has anyone got any recommendations?

I'm starting to think maybe I have an open rooftop deformity? :(

I've tried to attach pics on here but keeps saying error so I've put them on picture trail. Username: r-bnose Pasword: nose 123
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