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can anything be done about a 14 year old appendicitis scar?

Ask questions and get answers about how to heal and reduce the appearance of your scars, scar creams, scar silicone sheets, and scar reduction techniques.

can anything be done about a 14 year old appendicitis scar?

Postby SinkShips » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:53 am

I got my appendix removed when I was 13. This left me with three small scars: one in my belly button, one right below, and a third just above my mons pubis. The middle one has always bothered me because it looks like "a second belly button." It is about an inch long, and 3mm wide. It's horizontal. No matter how many sit-ups I do, or how much weight I lose, it's always bothered me.. I was very very skinny until about age 23 (5'8", 118lbs to 155lbs now at age 27). Now that I'm older and have gained weight, it's much worse. Instead of just a noticeable scar, it looks like I have a muffin-top when I actually don't. From the front, it looks like a 'before' picture of someone who's lost weight and has the stomach hanging down (like a little sad face), and from the side, my stomach is flat (enough haha) except for the part between my belly button and the scar, where it bulges out. It is so gross looking. It's even in the way with what pants I wear. If they're too high, I look like I'm wearing mom jeans. If they're too low, my faux muffin-top hangs over them, making me look fat (fatter than I actually am anyway). If they hit right at the belly button, they're too tight there, and too big everywhere else. Argh!!

Is there anything that can be done about this? I hate it.
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Re: can anything be done about a 14 year old appendicitis scar?

Postby marina.f » Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:23 pm

Dear SinkShips,

I am so sorry to hear that your scars bother you so much. I would love to help you. We do have excellent scar treatments that help greatly to reduce the appearance of your scars - old or new. I have personally tried Scar esthetique on one of my scars and the results are really good. You can alternate the treatment with a silicone sheet for better results.

The main benefit of scar sheeting compared to scar healing gels and ointments is that silicone sheets put direct pressure on the scar that is beneficial to minimizing scar appearance, whereas a scar ointment or gel does not put pressure on the scar and is more convenient for a daily use.

You can find the Scar Esthetique on our website at the link below:

ID: 15690

This scar cream helps reduce the appearance, size, height, thickness, and color of scars for all skin types and color. Its really great!

Based on the description of your scar, you would need the Scar Fx Silicone Sheet - 1" x 12" -MMH ID: 15395 - (perfect size for this area - you can even cut the sheet if needed):

http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product.d ... &catid=544

A typical schedule would be silicone sheet at night and cream during the day (not together at the same time as you want the silicone sheet to stick).

If you have any questions or need help with ordering please contact me at 866-363-4325. I would love to help! Please remember that if you email me I can apply a 5% discount to your order!
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Feel free to call or email me and I’ll be happy to help you place your order.

Make Me Heal
Tel: (866) 363-4325
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Re: can anything be done about a 14 year old appendicitis scar?

Postby SinkShips » Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:36 pm

Thank you for the response. It isn't the appearance of the scar that bothers me, it's the way the scar seems to connect my skin with my muscle. Or something. It's what the scar does to my stomach that is the problem, not the scar itself. Does this make any sense? Is there a surgery that could take care of this?
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Re: can anything be done about a 14 year old appendicitis scar?

Postby amieee » Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:38 am

You might want to see a plastic surgeon who specializes in scar revision or wound healing. There are quite a few treatments, including surgical scar revision that can improve your scar. A plastic surgeon might be able to tell you what would work best for your scar.
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Re: can anything be done about a 14 year old appendicitis scar?

Postby sparklz724 » Mon May 10, 2010 9:10 pm

I had to reply because I totally understand what you are going through. I almost laughed and cried when you said "second belly button," because that's what my friends always called it.. I laughed, but it really hurt. I had my appendix removed when I was eleven (I'm now 25) and as I gained weight, the scar got so much worse. It was sunken in, attached to the muscle. I was always frustrated, pulling up my pants to cover it, so it didn't hang over. No matter how hard I tried to lose weight, it looked horrible. I would try to wear a bikini in the summer, cuz I wasn't fat, but I was always covering it with my hand. I shed many tears over that scar. I had looked online and never got a good response. I really felt like I was the only one that this happened to. That is why I wanted to respond to you.

Ok, now for the good news. Finally, this past summer I contacted a plastic surgeon. He examined it and said that the scar had formed adhesions to the underlying muscle wall. He was very optimistic that a simple surgical procedure could help. In September, I went for the scar revision. I was completely conscious the whole time and it took less than 45 min. The procedure was painless and I returned to work the next day. I am happy to say that I am actually looking forward to this summer. It isn't quite perfect, but it is soo much better. I am a lot more comfortable with it now and it isn't all pulled in like before. I don't know if there are other options, but I would definitely recommend the surgery.

I have before and after pictures and would be happy to answer any questions you have..
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Re: can anything be done about a 14 year old appendicitis scar?

Postby Blueshoe » Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:10 pm

I have the same issue with my ugly appendix scar. Would it be possible to get the name of the plastic surgeon who did the scar correction, and city/state. I'd love to know what the cost was, pics are great too, if you can share?
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