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Silicone Strip question

Ask questions and get answers about how to heal and reduce the appearance of your scars, scar creams, scar silicone sheets, and scar reduction techniques.

Silicone Strip question

Postby Lorelei1972 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:28 am

I had a full tummy tuck, breast augmentation and lift on feb. 1st, on tuesday march 15 i will be 6 weeks post ops. Everything seems to be healing nicely, realizing now how long the healing process is but all well worth it. I have purchase the silicone strips, the scar esthetique healing cream and the aerola patch like for the scar and help with sensitivity. My question is can I start using those products now?
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Re: Silicone Strip question

Postby RosemaryOlivia » Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:55 am

I think you can. Of course ask your MD to be sure but I used them as soon as my wounds stopped weeping :).
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Re: Silicone Strip question

Postby kelly.j » Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:53 am

Hi Lorelei1972,

Sorry us Make me Heal Posters haven't been able to get back to you sooner, I am sure you have already used your silicone sheets at this point. But maybe your question can help other in the future. Here is some info on some scar products.

With any scar product, the best time to start using the product is once all scabs have fallen off from the area. You don't want to stick anything over a scab and then rip it off. It can cause infection and make the scar more noticeable. So be patient after your surgery let your body do the beginning steps to heal that scar and then you can start using the sheets and creams.

Here are some of our best selling silicone sheets that we have:

ImageScar Fx Silicone Belt Wrap (6"x48"): this one is a great one for tummy tucks, not only does it wrap around the whole abdomen area, it also applies some compression to the area as well. And i know the tummy tuckers out there love to be held in after that procedure.

ImageBiodermis/Epi-Derm Ultimate Breast Surgery Scar Reduction & Healing Sheet: this one comes in a pair and covers both the incisions under the breast and the areola as well.

Now another important thing to remember is you do not want to wear a silicone sheet at the same time you are using the cream. It is great to alternate say the Scar Esthetique or Kelo-cote Gel with a silicone sheet. However, it is not good to have the cream underneath the sheet as it will make the silicone sheet slip and no pressure will be applied to the scar.

Hope this was helpful and Happy Healing!
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