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Closed Rhinoplasty Costs Across the USA - As of March 2016

Closed Rhinoplasty Costs Across the USA - As of March 2016

Postby GerberBabyBooty » Fri Aug 05, 2016 1:35 pm

Hello everyone,

I started my rhinoplasty journey a little over eight months ago and have collected the prices and some information on the surgeons I looked into and felt like it might be helpful for those who are still looking for a doctor.

I was only interested in a closed rhinoplasty so anyone that does not do closed is noted on the list. The prices and booking dates are accurate within the last four months or so. I ended up choosing Dr. Ridenour. Not only was he one of the least expensive, but he also makes beautiful noses. I was very concerned with finding a doctor that would thin out my bridge and tip, and he did that more than any other doctor on this list. I had my nose done three days ago and I made a separate thread detailing the surgery and my experience so far.

Here are the doctors I looked into from lowest priced to highest:

Basner - $6300 booking into late june - Baltimore

Ridenour - $6500 - anesthesia included - does pictures - booking 1 month out - St. Louis

Salzhauer - $6800 - booking into 12/17 - Miami (website doesn't work, mostly does butt lifts)

Bustillo - $6800-7800 Coral Gables Fl

Golden - $6800 Only sees people within a 5 hour drive of Troy, Michigan

Gross - $7750 + anesthesia and facility fees + consult fee $150 - Lake Mary Florida - does not do closed

Charlotte plastic surgery/ Dr. Finical - $7800- 9500 - booking out a few weeks - does photos

Revis - $8500 - only does open - booking into September

Rohrich - $8850-9850 (anest & op room fee included) + $125 consult - does imaging - booking a few months out - Dallas - prefers open

Chasan - $9400 - San Diego

Profiles Beverly Hills - $10k

Kevin Sadati - $11k

Behmand - $11000 - 12000 Walnut Creek

Kassir - $11000-14000 + $150 consult - Wayne NJ

Rawnsley - Los Angeles - $13,500 + $150 consult.

Beck - $5-15K + anesthesia and operating room fees - Foster City, CA

Haworth - $25,000 + 650 consult - Los Angeles

Funk- $? + 225 consultation fee - Houston (expensive)

Holcomb - Does not do closed - booking 3 weeks out

Feel free to add on to this list!
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