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Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich ~ my advice is stay away

Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich ~ my advice is stay away

Postby judie » Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:01 am

Terribly disappointing results and would not use Dr. Konstantin again if I could do it over.

I had had an amazing facelift, necklift, U/L bleph in 2005 with one of NYC's best and most highly regarded plastic surgeons, easily recognized nationally at the time. (Dr. K recently criticized the work of this surgeon online, responding to my review ~ how unprofessional ~ so I responded with photos!!) I was absolutely euphoric from the amazing results of my first lift, friends were awed, and I was so grateful that I was able to do it. Eleven years later when I began seeing some jowling and natural aging again, I began researching and found Dr. K in an issue of #NewBeauty magazine featuring top surgeons in the NYC area. What I have since learned from a #NewBeauty employee in their NYC organization is that it was not an editorial piece, but an advertorial section for which surgeons paid to be included. I don't remember that being noted anywhere on the pages so it feels deceptive.

In any event, I visited Dr. Konstantin and he seemed a nice enough man, his CV appeared okay at least, and he had a revolving slideshow in his waiting room and online of B&A faces he had done, which probably showed 4 to 5 facelifts and I thought they were fairly impressive. I've never saw those B&As change, BTW. Not in two years.

I did feel slight reservations though for a few reasons but I overrode those, attributing them to being far too overly cautious because my first lift had been so incredibly good. I was wrong ~ I should have listened to my gut instinct. You might wonder why I didn't just go back to my first surgeon. Two reasons: I had made several appts with him but for one reason or another, either he or I had to reschedule and since I had timing becoming tighter, I decided to go to Dr. K. Stupid. Second, cost was more of a factor this time than the first and I thought my first surgeon would be much more expensive than Dr. K. As it turned out, I have been back to see my first surgeon since this surgery and it would not have been much more expensive at all. I am so sorry I didn't just wait and have him do it. When it's your face, believe me, wait, and spend the extra dollars ~ it's not dramatically much more but the difference in result can be crushing.

I did the surgery in Dr. K's office under local, which he and his office manager convinced me to do in spite of repeatedly conveying serious reservations I had about it. Well, again, I should have listened to my gut ~ it was terrible! The entire experience felt like a back-alley surgery, replete with a per diem contract nurse from an agency who assisted in a small examination area. I didn't even have to take my boots or leggings off(!!!) ~ I suppose that's okay, but it somehow seems not okay.

Recovery this time was just awful while time was pure magic. This was so painful and I'm no lightweight, and I had knotted bumps in my scalp, some of which are still there 18 months later. At first I thought the results were going to be great, compliments of swelling. But as soon as swelling started going down, I began feeling sick to see that the lift was definitely not great. Not even good. And believe me, I've done tons of research and can tell a good one from a not so good one. When I first took 'after' pics (which I can share) it was just a few months out of surgery as my face began settling and it wasn't good. Now, 22 months out, it's really not good. He had made such confident promises about my would-be results and I took the bait.

I posted at Yelp a while back, have had literally hundreds of views to date, many 'helpfuls' and private messages either sharing similarly poor experiences, or even worse, one traumatic result. One woman in particular is beside herself, very depressed that she paid for the result that has left a terrible lift and scarring that she tries to hide with hair and clothing whenever possible. I've additionally received messages thanking me for my warning as they either had a consultation or a procedure scheduled and they planned to cancel. I consider that a good deed on my part, after my experience.

And while Dr. K doesn't suggest trying to fix what was done so it's satisfactory, or preferably, return my money so I can have what he did fixed, he HAS tried to upsell me on fat grafting!!! Either way, I'm not doing fat grafting and hardly think upselling from the job he did is very professional, and I certainly don't trust him now to touch my face anyway.

So that's my experience. Buyer beware is my advice to you. Maybe others have had good results with him? I did not. Weigh your decision, is all I'm saying. If you would like me to share photos, reasons I had reservations, or my experience with you privately, I am willing to do.

And while I think it's important to look and feel your best, I didn't do this solely for my personal vanity, but felt it was an important step in my career life. I work in a competitive field, am self-supporting as a widow, and in a situation and age where finding work can be challenging. This was pretty important to me for that reason. At this point I just wish I could start over, that he'd give me my money back, or at least enough of it that I could go to a trusted surgeon to fix his very poor work.
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Re: Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich ~ my advice is stay away

Postby MissJ521@aol.com » Mon Mar 05, 2018 9:23 am

Sorry to hear about your experience. Indeed 'New Beauty' mag is an ADVERTISING one. I've always thought of him as a 'first time' around face lift doc where the 'no anesthesia' option was a factor to draw patients in. Your circumstances of second time face lift and actually NOT wanting the 'no anesthesia' option differ from those I associate with his target group.

Anyway, as to photos, if it's any easier for you--and also if MMH still has a functional photo storage section--there's an option to put your photos in there, set the password to private and share on a one by one basis with members you select to share with. If it's still functional--and again I don't know for sure if it is--it might save you time from e-mailing and this way, people wanting to see photos don't get your e mail address if e mail address privacy is a factor for you.

If your FIRST doctor does fat grafting and if that's something that would mitigate the look of the second face lift, I would suggest going back to him for that particular ancillary procedure.
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