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Should Dr. be board certified?

Should Dr. be board certified?

Postby joie688 » Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:35 am

I have a consultation appointment with Dr. Jack Ricketts at Smart Lipo Rejuvenation in St. Louis. On his web site they have several pictures of smart lipo on the chin which is the procedure that I want done, and the nurse told me they have done several of these with good results. But I noticed that Dr. Ricketts is board certified in gynecology and obgyn, not plastic surgery. Do you think this is pretty much a deal breaker? Should I cancel the consultation, or do you think just being board certified is all that matters? Does anyone know any other good drs in the St. Louis area that I can get into within the next few weeks?
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Do your homework

Postby Blabber » Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:41 am

To all wanting lipo do your homework!! I had a couple friends go to a plastic surgeon for lipo and what a horrible result.
I went and talked at Dr. Ricketts and Michelle and they explained the different lasers, how they lipo and with what. The whole procedure was explained to me from top to bottom and wow I had no idea what was involved. People just think lipo and don't want to educate about the procedure first. Or it's the money.... And doctors have a natural thing there good at. Some plastics only just do breast, or just tummy tuck etc.. But that's not always mean there good. And what if there's a mess up??
I learned so much at Dr. Ricketts and compared to other doctors I went to see didn't explain anything except that I was a candidate and would have little down time. I thought all doctors used same equipment etc......NO!!!!!
My results with him were excellent!!! And my friends are thrilled. It was a great feeling going in and knowing what they were using, sedation etc... And it was right on!!! Always see multiple doctors to see what they say. They all have different equipment and technique and your spending a lot of money.....
I will send all my friends there but learn exactly what everyone is doing. Would you rather have laser but no lipo or laser but dr is using hand lipo not a aggressive machine for lipo??? All this matters!!!! But now I trust Dr. Ricketts and Michelle is 100 % honest and explains every little detail!!! Like she said she tells people as if she was having surgery and was having it done what she would want to know.......
Bottom line is what harm is there in getting a consultation other then getting educated and learning more about the surgery....
And best thing there is no pressure. My girlfriend went to a doctor in west county and she felt like they were trying to pressure her into the surgery, and a couple of friends had said that's why they don't like going to consultations because of it.
Just talk with them on the phone first and get a feel...
See I have learned a lot!!! But I am happy!
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Re: Should Dr. be board certified?

Postby higgles » Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:56 am

I answer to your original post Joie, yes they should. It does not guarantee success but at least you are on the right road.
All the best and do heaps of research
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Re: Should Dr. be board certified?

Postby allisonryan329 » Fri May 31, 2013 11:56 am

I agree with what everyone has said! Your surgeon should be board-certified by the ABPS, you should schedule several consultations with different doctors, and you should check out all the different techniques available. It's important to feel comfortable with and confident in the abilities of the doctor you choose, and not just jump at the first or the cheapest. Body sculpting, which includes liposuction, is an art and requires experience and skill. Personally, I would probably gravitate toward the doctor who has performed the procedure with great results the most times.
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