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Dr Tim Martin

Dr Tim Martin

Postby yassie » Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:16 am

What is your opinion on Dr Martin,San Franciso? I've heard good things but he does a deep plane lift and I', told recovery time is longer
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Re: Dr Tim Martin

Postby higgles » Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:07 pm

Excellent surgeon. Has a very good reputation and performs very natural work. Expensive though. I think, but am not sure, he does the high extended SMAS but he has a great eye and technique. HTH
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Re: Dr Tim Martin

Postby barbarareborn » Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:43 pm

I have known Tim Marten for almost 20 years. In that time I have seen him correct the work of other doctors. At times i did not think it was possible. A friend of mine went to him, looking ordinary. His work transformed her to someone so beautiful she turned heads wherever whe went. If I was to describe an outcome it is soft, yet striking. Everyone is different but he devouts an entire day to each facelift, attending to each detail. Since his work is more extensive than many doctors the recovery may take longer than the work of some doctors. I am not !00 per cent sure but I do believe he does SMAS. He was one of the first people to do a fellowship with Bruce Connell. His prices are close to other top tier doctors in San Francisco. His relationship to his patients involves honesty, committment and compassion.
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Re: Dr Tim Martin

Postby MarkinScottsdale » Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:51 pm

Tim and his office have been friends of ours since the mid-1990's when he was first hanging out his shingle in SF.

He did my "big" facelift in 1997/8 and the damned thing is STILL holding up amazingly well. I admit that I run to Derek Jones in LA for a little Botox and Restylane and/or Juvederm 3 or 4 times a year.

Now, after 15 years, the "big" lift that TJM did back in 1997/8 is beginning to drop a touch and the fillers and botox can only do so much... Back in 1997 he performed that deep SMAS lift he's known for. My cheekbones also benefited greatly from his placement of the excess muscle tissue which rather than trimming off, he tacked down over the cheek area (under the fat pat) and it gives the overall face just a tiny bit more "prominence" and a touch of fullness that nature sadly overlooked. <grin> It's nowhere near the gross effect of a facial implant. This is much more subtle than even the smallest implants can be. But if you already have cheekbones, this little surgical trick can bring them out in a natural and yet definite way...

Tim and company do NOT cut corners! Everything is done to the highest standards and totally "by the book" - I personally find that to be very reassuring when my face is the object of their efforts. They also spend an EXTRAORDINARY amount of time with patients before and after surgery. During my own recovery (my S/O, our daughter and I were all camped out at the Park Hyatt in Embarcadero Center during my surgery and recovery, because we lived in LA at the time), Tim came to the hotel no fewer than four times. He removed sutures, drains, checked on me, brought meds, etc. Tim just genuinely cares about his patients and it shows.

What I had done: Full face, neck, upper and lower eyes, and brow (endoscopic brow lift - because I'd had a full coronal brow lift years earlier) - yes, I started very young. I had my first full face lift at 39 or 40 as I recall.

So here I am, some 14 years after the "big" lift done by TJM. I'm now 62 and most people guess my age at early fifties. Will I do one more? Maybe.But only if Tim's available and my checkbook is up to the hit. I wouldn't go to any other surgeon for love or money! Both Vogue and Vanity Fair have rated TJM as one of the top three Plastic Surgeon's in the nation. There's a reason for that. He is truly THAT good! He didn't get on that list because of a press agent. (He doesn't have one!) Also, for achieving totally natural yet effective results on a male face - I suspect he's the number one Plastic Surgeon in the nation. I've seen the work of other top name surgeons, and while most of the top tier guys do achieve beautiful results on women, they're not always so great on a male face. Since I'm male, this is an area of GREAT concern to me.

Tim intuitively seems to understand the architecture of the male face and the fact that a man wants to look like a man, before and after his facelift(s). It's all too easy for some surgeons to use the wrong techniques and the result is a male face feminized by overzealous surgery. A certain gold-medal winning swimmer now turned celeb house-husband and stepfather-trying-to-Keep-Up is a prime example of that sad scenario...

TJM is a genius. Period. When you turn him loose to do what he deems appropriate for your face/age/skin/etc.,the results are amazing. From personal experience, his work tends to last. His lifts that were performed fifteen or twenty years ago still look great. I have two friends - one male, one female who were both full face-lift patients at about the same time that I was, and both of them look amazingly good, today! Truth is your aging resumes when the last suture is placed. But you will always look better with your lift than you would had you skipped it. Even fifteen years later!

About his fees: Tim Martin is on par with the top docs in the nation. A bit lower than you would pay for a "name" surgeon in NYC. Quite a bit lower than the famous clinics in Rio de Janeiro or Switzerland, but well up toward the high end of the spectrum for LA / SF and the western USA. Definitely not bargain basement surgery by any means! However, his fees are fair considering his substantial skill and the level of care provided. In general if you write a check for the low-to-low/mid five figures, it will cover the whole shooting match and leave you looking better than you did fifteen or twenty years back! Worth the cost! Absolutely! I would be the first to swear that it not only lifts your face, but somehow it can lift you heart and soul too! <grin> <okay, surgically tightened grin, but still a big grin!>
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