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Deep Acne scars - Suturing, Dermabrasion, Punch Grafts ?

Dr. Naderi answers your questions about all facial plastic surgery procedures, from facelift, rhinoplasty (nose job), to eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and dermal fillers.

Deep Acne scars - Suturing, Dermabrasion, Punch Grafts ?

Postby riseinlife » Sun Feb 06, 2011 6:12 am

Hi Dr Naderi,

I know i am asking a lot here but it is important for me to know all this. I will be really grateful if you would answer all the queries. I am sure it would help a lot of people.

I have quite a few deep, small & big, ice-pick & roll-over & others acne scars. I am looking to remove them completely. I have undergone procedures like laser, dermaroller & recently subcision, was not informed about subcision earlier.

I am considering surgical scar revision consisting of suturing & may be punch grafts will be done if required. After these procedures, may be dermabrasion to remove the lines left the sutures or punch grafts completely. I had few queries about the same.

1) After the suturing, punch graft, etc has been done can all other procedures be followed without any hesitation after the skin has healed like lasers, dermarollers especially dermaroller ?

2) I mean does the skin punch grafted & sutured together become a part of the normal skin. If I use dermaroller on my skin & the edges of the scars revised, as there would still be the ones that could not be revised or the smaller ones, it will not cause damage to the done procedure. It wont break open the stitches or something. Right ?

3) how much time before any other procedures like dermaroller can be carried out on the skin after the scar revision procedures ?

4) Is scar revision also effective on all scars like ice-pick scars ?

5) I am asking all this because my skin is damaged badly & the structure of my skin around the scars is also not complete. So if I get the scars revised & am working on my skin structure & the skin around the scars improves while the scars that have been revised do not improve, the skin around the scars will be raised above the revised scar area & the scars would become visible again. That’s why I am trying to work on my structure first. I don’t know whether I am able to explain this properly.

6) Regarding Dermabrasion (Not Micro-dermabrasion) :- The scar skin & the skin around the scars are removed, but how can we be sure that the scar area will grow back to the level of the original normal skin around it & in general (& so will not give a visibility o being depressed) as the scar was formed in the first place because of the skins inability to heal well. How much time does the skin take to heal from dermabrasion ?

7) I think this is my best shot of removing few of my scars completely. Is there anything else ?
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Re: Deep Acne scars - Suturing, Dermabrasion, Punch Grafts ?

Postby Dr_Naderi » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:00 pm


Every patient's question is important and that is why people pose questions here. They all want to know the answers to their important questions. In order to be fair to everyone, as well as in order to be fair to myself, I ask everyone to keep their questions brief and concise.

The treatment of scars take many forms and means and the treatment of acne scars is a VERY difficult and often frustrating process. The most important thing I can tell you and you need to realize is that scars usually cannot be removed "completely" which is a term you have used multiple times in your question. Scars can be improved but "complete" removal is often not realistic not possible.



[Online replies to questions are NOT a substitute for actual consultation & exam & should not be considered "medical advice."]
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