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Loss of sideburns-is hairline lowering an option?

Dr. Naderi answers your questions about all facial plastic surgery procedures, from facelift, rhinoplasty (nose job), to eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and dermal fillers.

Loss of sideburns-is hairline lowering an option?

Postby zebra » Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:23 am

Dear Dr Naderi

Thank you for this valuable online resource. I am 8 months post a bad FL. I have consulted with a number of surgeons, so know which of the many issues I will have to learn to live with, and which might be slightly improved.

But no one has been able to give me a definitive answer on the following and I'm hoping you can give me a view:

My sideburns have been removed and my hairline elevated above my ears. I wish to avoid HT if possible, because i don't have much donor hair (also have bald patches on back of head around incision sites).
I have visible horizontal pleats of skin (tissue beneath has also been pleated so is extremely uncomfortable) running from the edge of the incision on the hairline into my eyes. So the effect is one of pleated, horizontally folded skin on the temples which in turn has caused new associated lines around the eyes. The true extent of this has only become apparent as months have passed and residual swelling has subsided and the pleats and new wrinkles have bedded down. At 8 months, one can now see just how bad it is.

Since the hairline is already elevated, I cannot have any type of elevation process to address the pleats. I have been told that the whole area needs to be undermined (including hair bearing scalp) in order to untether the pleated skin and tissue, then to redrape it.
In doing that procedure, since an area of hair bearing skin needs to be undermined, is it possible to actually 'pull down' and lower the elevated hairline where my sideburns used to be - even if only by a modest amount? Say a couple of mm?

In other words, the principle that is used for hairline lowering of the brow - does that apply to this area of the hairline?

I realise i will never have my sideburns back, but even if the hairline were to be lowered by a couple of mm, it's better than nothing, as the bald area above my ears is very difficult to conceal.

One surgeon has said it may come down by a few mm, while another has said it would not come down at all. I'd appreciate any guidance you can offer.
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Re: Loss of sideburns-is hairline lowering an option?

Postby Dr_Naderi » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:15 am


Im so sorry to hear you have had such a bad facelift. While no surgeon gets amazing results each and every time, things like this should not occur!

I cannot give you an opinion about your case without seeing you and feeling your scalp and scars but theoretically if the scalp is undermined the same was as in a browlift, you can drop the hair line and excise the intervening scar. Hair transplant is not a bad option IF DONE properly but it would not address the unnatural pull causing the pleating.



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