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Question Re: Chin Implant/Numbness and Pulled skin on neck

Dr. Naderi answers your questions about all facial plastic surgery procedures, from facelift, rhinoplasty (nose job), to eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and dermal fillers.

Question Re: Chin Implant/Numbness and Pulled skin on neck

Postby gigi70 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:35 pm

Hello Dr,

I am 2.5 weeks out from a chin implant and rhinoplasty.
I'm so far unhappy with both results.
The rhinoplasty has made my nose very piggish right now, elevated tip and one nostril is visibly bigger than the other (a lot of inside nose show and the shape is very odd). I barely had side nostril show before surgery and now, it's very big and open, which I find adds to the piggy appearance. I'm hoping the tip will drop, is this possible?
I was told it was swelling and it will drop but I've seen no change so far although it's still early.

Second set of problems is from the chin implant. I still have some minor swelling underneath the jawline, but the swelling seems to have greatly reduced all over. I can feel the size of the implant under my chin and it feels really too big. I don't like the appearance when I smile. I have a large crease now I never had before. Also, I feel it's looking too projected. When would be the soonest to take out an implant and swap it for a smaller size?
The other issues I'm experiencing are: Numbness in lower lip/side of chin. Only on one side. The other is fine. So when I smile, it looks very odd and a lop sided smile. Do you think the nerves will eventually come back? I used to get a lot of tingling but none anymore.
I'm worried I'm permanently disfigured with this numb mouth/chin.

One more issue. I never had any loose skin or turkey neck issues prior but now when I try to lift my head up (it's too tight to) or just even when relaxed the very front of the neck from below the incision on the chin, pulls and the skin pulls out from my neck like a turkey! It's awful! I'm in my 30's and never had a turkey neck pre op!
What can this be from? Did somehow he pull my neck skin too tight to stitch up and it will stay this way forever??

Thank you and sorry for the many questions.
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Re: Question Re: Chin Implant/Numbness and Pulled skin on neck

Postby Dr_Naderi » Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:48 pm


As you know yourself it is too early to judge the results. Without seeing your before and after pictures and examining you I cannot answer your questions with scientific certainty. But you should know that no matter what the plastic surgeon did, the tip position should drop over the next 4 months. It may still be too upturned for your taste or it may not but know that it should change somewhat as will the rest of the nose. The swelling with the chin implant takes weeks to months to resolve. Really about 6 months or so before it settles in but again it may still be too large or malpositioned or rubbing against your Mental Nerve and it may need adjustment but I cannot tell you what to do without seeing you. Please see your own surgeon as well as maybe a couple of other respectable honest revision surgeons in your area. Many surgeons are too happy to bad mouth another doctor and have you sign up for an expensive revision surgery. Seek some honest opinions. You may require revision or you may not but things should change over the next few months regardless. Good luck



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