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DMAE product touted as a facelift in a container

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DMAE product touted as a facelift in a container

Postby BenjieW » Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:21 am

Individuals desperate to look younger are spending millions on DMAE product. A doctor hawking DMAE cream showed up on the "Dr. Oz" show this week and buzz about the compound spread like wildfire. Dermatologists and the Food and Drug Administration dismiss anti-aging states about DMAE as pseudoscience; however evidence does exist that DMAE products offer certain aesthetic benefits. Prior to taking out a pay day loan to buy this expensive product, make sure you know the details. Post resource - Costly DMAE cream delivers little more than common moisturizers by MoneyBlogNewz.

Using DMAE cream so face sag disappears

DMAE cream is being marketed as an expensive anti-aging product that reverses wrinkles and facial sagging. Facial sagging is the dead giveaway of aging that has made face lifts so popular. The Consumer Guide for Plastic Surgery explained that $6,000 to $15,000 is usually spent on a face lift. Depending on marketing of the brand, $80 can be what is paid for less than 2 ounces of DMAE cream. Unlike drug corporations, cosmetics companies are not required by the FDA to prove with scientific evidence that goods are safe and effective, however a 2005 Johnson & Johnson study found that DMAE cream may have anti-inflammatory effects that could tighten skin.

Returning youth with DMAE

DMAE is shorthand for dimethylaminoethanol, an organic compound naturally produced in the human brain. Sardines, anchovies and salmon are all natural resources in DMAE. The aesthetic use of DMAE isn’t why it was researched. It was more to be a potential drug. DMAE has been shown in studies to make cognition and memory related to aging go down. DMAE creams were not the first source of the drug. DMAE was used to help mood, energy, sleep, memory and learning in anti-aging supplements. The DMAE user noticed the reduction in facial sagging more than the observer as it has been documented that DMAE products do this.

Expense of DMAE cream blown up by buzz

A combination of marketing psychology and suggestions of scientific credibility have several individuals convinced that DMAE creams are indeed a face lift in a bottle. Dermatologists do not seem too impressed though. Since the 1990s, DMAE cream has been used. It has made a dent in income, but isn’t unsafe. It may be just as effective to get moisturizer. DMAE is about as cheap as aspirin and does not need exotic stabilization compounds. DMAE cream ought to be less than $10 due to the economy and expense of production.

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Re: DMAE product touted as a facelift in a container

Postby gay2 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:33 am

I dont use a DMAE cream,but i have been taking DMAE supplements and i have to admit my skin does seem tighter ?.....although i do also use very good face creams.!
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Re: DMAE product touted as a facelift in a container

Postby prettylisa » Tue May 07, 2013 1:37 am

Is not DMAE also for concentration and focusing?
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