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Why do surgeons recommend homeopathy for cosmetic surgery?

Ask questions and get answers from professionals about supplements, vitamins, and homeopathic remedies that can can help improve your body's defenses prior to surgery, repair your body faster, promote better wound healing, limit scarring, and shorten recovery time.

Why do surgeons recommend homeopathy for cosmetic surgery?

Postby Homeopath » Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:15 pm

What do people think about doctors recommending we take homeopathy before/after our cosmetic surgery?

I’m really interested in alternative medicine and have had quite a few surgeries, I’m always telling friends to take arnica pills for example, because every surgery I’ve had a doctor has recommended homeopathy.

I decided to become a homeopath, looked at training and found it’s not really necessary as anyone can call themselves a homeopath.

Did lots of research and discovered it’s 100% water/ a sugar pill.

Homeopaths explanation is: magic

Scientific experiments indicate: placebo effect.

Apparently it’s so diluted that not even a single molecule exists in the final preparation, ie 1 part in 10,000 parts water! That’s like putting one drop of red food colouring (or vodka!) in 6 swimming pools worth of water, taking a cup out and expecting there to be any vodka in it!

But there’s a mystical magic way it’s prepared - apparently the more you dilute the stronger it becomes, you have to shake the water so many times and hit it with a piece of leather than bang it on a piece of wood and this is the explanation for why it still works even though one drop of the active substance has been diluted in approx 10,000 parts water.

I feel uncomfortable that I bleated on at so many friends to take arnica pills, I feel a bit dishonest now, knowing the truth of it. I think I got confused with herbs - of which there are a lot of that do work, but homeopathy is completely different.

The concept of like treats like, along with the magical dilution aspect of homeopathy is totally different from some herbal remedies like willow bark for example.

So doctors who recommend we take homeopathy either A) believe in magic or B) they are knowingly giving us sugar pills.

I don’t know what’s worse tbh. I would hate to be treated like a silly little woman by some paternalistic type doctor who is condescendingly giving me what he knows full well is magic water/sugar pills.

The alternative is a doctor who despite their scientific knowledge believes in the magical explanation of homeopathy.

I'm particularly interested in people like me who have had cosmetic surgery and been told by their surgeons to take homeopathic pills like arnica. Would love to hear you guys views!
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