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Always been thin with saggy skin on thighs..

Always been thin with saggy skin on thighs..

Postby haley4540 » Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:56 pm

I am a thin 43 year old woman, have always been in my goal weight, but I have my mothers saggy skin on my quadraceps. When i do my gym class and im in certain position, my legs look like a crinkled paper bag!!!

Have any of you had this surgery done wothout losing weight first? The PS I consulted with told me this surgery is for people that have lost a ton of weight and have loose skin as a result. Please let me know if any of you have always been thin, thanks :)
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Re: Always been thin with saggy skin on thighs..

Postby dmollin » Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:38 am

I don't think you're going to get many replies from people who've always been a normal weight. But I don't see why a surgeon would refuse to do this surgery on someone on whom it's indicated. If you have the saggy skin then the procedure would seem appropriate.

Maybe your saggy skin isn't as bad as you think and this is why you met with some resistance? I would ask the PS straight out why said what he said. If you really don't have enough excess skin to pull tight then it would be a good thing to know.
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Re: Always been thin with saggy skin on thighs..

Postby LoriMichele » Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:42 am

I have been my ideal weight my entire life, give or take 10+lbs. I did my TT & TL because my skin did not retract as expected after lipo. I had lipo primarily to re-contour the areas after a twin pregnancy. My PS and I both thought I'd have really good results because I didn't have any stretch marks but it didn't happen. I had a TT & TL in 2006. I'm very happy with my results BUT I have to tell you that a TL does not improve the skin in the quad area unless you have a "T" incisions, which requires a suture line in the crease of your inner thigh and down the middle (how far depends on your degree of sagging). The TL in the crease alone, which is what I had, only improves a few inches from the crease of the inner thigh. It does not improve the skin above your knee.

I know how you feel, I'm 42, work out regularly and am at my ideal weight but my skin is not as tight towards my knees as I'd like it to be. I've had endermologie, which helped with post surgical swelling but didn't improve any cellulite. I've had a consult for Thermage but I'm not ready to spend 2,500+ on a procedure that is not proven to last more than a couple of years. I'm anxiously waiting for the industry to come up with a device to tighten skin and improve cellulite with proven results that last long enough for the high price. Until then.....I'm trying to enjoy my aging body.
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Re: Always been thin with saggy skin on thighs..

Postby AnnieBeansprout » Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:38 am

I've always been thin too, within 5-10 lbs of my desired weight for myself (5'7" 125-130), but usually only 2-3 lb fluctuations. However, for many many years I had eating disorders, and although I didn't fluctuate, the poor eating habits wreaked havok on my skin as well as my health in other ways.

Also, TONS of sunburns in my teens, giving my skin the poor elasticity I now suffer from.

So, I had a CTT (lower body lift). Didn't have a lot of skin to lift, but I had enough that it really bugged me and I feel better.

Now I want an inner thigh lift to complete the process.

The only problem I had/have with the CTT, is that being small, the swelling is really very annoying. I am 8 1/2 months out, and still can't fit into a lot of my pre-op clothes. Also, I am going to need some tightening up as a revision, due to the constant swelling, up and down daily for 8 months, making my skin somewhat loose again in areas. When you don't have a whole lot to tighten, even the smallest swelling makes a difference.

I am kind of afraid of the swelling with the inner lift. I want enough skin to be removed to make it worth it if it loostens up again due to swelling. My skin has horrible elasticity.

I'm 45.
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Re: Always been thin with saggy skin on thighs..

Postby dmollin » Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:34 am

yes it concerns me that you still have swelling for that length of time. What does your PS say? I had my lbl 10 months ago and went from a size 4/6 pre-op to a size 8 post op. Made me want to kill someone.

Also, even after the swelling went down, my clothing didn't fit the same. Pants that used to fit my body comfortably just don't anymore. My shape is different, even if I'm the only one that can tell.

You look really good in your avatar. I've lost a huge amount of weight and my skin elasticity is really bad. There's only so much surgery can tighten for someone like me.

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Re: Always been thin with saggy skin on thighs..

Postby jessica.c » Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:48 pm

Hello Haley4540,
Sorry to hear about the elacticty in your skin! I thought I would recommend some products for you to use in the meantime while you think about your procedure.

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Re: Always been thin with saggy skin on thighs..

Postby coffeegirl » Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:37 pm

Actually, I am 42, almost, and am also pretty close to my ideal weight. I am 5' 5.5" and 128 lbs. I am fit and trim and muscular but I have bad collagen apparently and have terribly saggy skin on my stomach. I have the paper bag look you describe also on my legs and saggy skin above my knee but my stomach bothers me more than anything. My belly button has practically disappeared from view due to upper abdominal skin overhanging it. The great part? I have never had children and never been grossly over weight. I was heavier as a teen by about 25 lbs but that was years ago.
So, I get your plight. I actually am researching Tummy tucks. I have had a couple of consults and asked about the saggy knee skin. One particular surgeon suggested that the results of knee skin surgery are not very good because the location of the incision is in a place of great movement making it difficult to heal.
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