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5 days post thigh lift

5 days post thigh lift

Postby NoMorePies » Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:45 am

Not posted in this section before but have been on the tummy tuck forum a bit. I had a FDL TT in December 2011 and have now been back to the surgeon for a thigh lift.

My FDL TT went well (apart from the seroma) but there was some asymmetry on the horizontal scar and extra skin on the same side. My surgeon agreed and said that as I wanted to proceed with the thigh lift that it made sense to do them at the same time. He also agreed to do some liposuction on my hind flanks as the little fat pockets there were really noticeable once the extra flesh on my belly had gone.

So last thursday I went under the knife again. I can't remember being in massive amounts of pain after the TT or being that tired but the thigh lift has me absolutely beat. Can't stand for more than 5mins without shaking and needing a lie down again. Also due to the location of the scars, sitting, walking even lying are all very uncomfortable. You can't appreciate how much you use your legs and bum until you try not to!

The revision went really well. Very sore but looks a lot more symmetrical now. Also happy with the thighs and lipo. Great to have all that extra skin off my legs and now my bum looks like a humans rather than a baby elephants. I'm not going to get obsessed with my body, I'm comfortable now and never going to be Daniel Craig in my Speedos (I don't own Speedos. I'm straight). I also don't fancy any more surgical procedures because it really isn't just the easy option that some claim. It's hard work. Now I just have to keep the wait off long term and stay healthy and I'll be as happy as my miserable brain will allow me.

Don't regret having any of the procedures but boy is the thigh lift uncomfortable in my experience so far.
A former fat man.
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Re: 5 days post thigh lift

Postby mrsamywright » Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:06 pm

I replied in the TT forum. Just wanted to say congrats again. I love that you shared a positive thigh lift story!!!
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Summer 2011: ETT, armlift, thigh lift, BL/BA and a few revisions along the way.....
A worthwhile journey takes time! Patience and humor are required. :)
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Re: 5 days post thigh lift

Postby nightowl1975 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:48 am

I agree that the MTL was the toughest recovery. It wasn't so much that I was in agonizing pain (once they got it under control in recovery), but not being able to sit down was really, really hard. I was ok lying down or standing up (though standing for long periods of time wasn't good either). Getting up and down was tough, and sitting was impossible for 2 solid weeks.

I remember around 4 weeks, I went to church, a quick dinner, and a movie with the kids. Total sitting time was probably 4 hours or so, plus getting in & out of the vehicle multiple times. I had to come home and take two pain pills because my groin incisions were on fire!

It was a solid 3 months before I could sit "indian style" on the floor.

I've had a nose job and some chin lipo, an extended tummy tuck with lipo going from under my boobs to my knees, an extended butt lift with major lipo on the butt, flanks, inner, and outer thighs, a medial thigh lift, and just yesterday had a crescent lift/breast augmentation and he revised the MTL scars from the groin going straight down my legs.

The breast lift/augmentation/inner thigh revision yesterday was a piece of cake. The butt lift and lipo was pretty easy. The tummy tuck wasn't horrible, but it took a while to feel "normal" again. The MTL... was a whole different ball game!

There's not a single procedure I would have combined to have less surgeries overall, and there's not a single procedure I wouldn't go through all over again for the end results.

I hope your recovery continues well. Be patient with the sitting business. It takes A LONG TIME. I peed in styrofoam cups for 6 weeks to avoid having to change wet gauze. It was still worth it to have those giant globs of fat between my legs just gone! :)
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Re: 5 days post thigh lift

Postby christinekk » Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:21 am

I am 8 days post op TL, as of today. My surgery involved two long incisions down both inner thighs from groin to knee, as well as lipo on both thighs. Though my dr. said he would also have small perpendicular incisions at the groin area, he ended up not doing those. I'm not sure why. I'll need to ask him at my next follow-up appointment. I think I'm glad ...

My incisions seem to be healing nicely. My strength is back too. I'm probably trying to do too much, because I feel good enough to take short walks and such, but then I experience swelling in my thighs, which I know isn't good. I need to take it easy, even if I feel OK.

Weirdly, I'm experiencing more bruising on my legs where the lipo was done than I had when I first got out of surgery. I think this is because I'm doing to much and it's causing swelling/bruising in areas which weren't bruised/swollen before.

I'm glad I got this procedure done. I think my thighs are going to look So Much Better once all the post-op swelling/healing is done. (They already look a lot better than they did.) They're not going to look perfect, but I think I'll be OK wearing shorts again, and spending time at the pool with my 2-year-old son. It's more of a "quality of life" thing for me. I was so unhappy with how my thighs looked before. These thin scars will be far preferable over having lumpy, jiggly thighs. I workout often, run, walk, do weights, am thin everywhere else. I've just always had really fatty thighs...

Just thought I'd ad my two cents.
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Re: 5 days post thigh lift

Postby mrsamywright » Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:10 pm

Hi Christine,

I really enjoyed reading your post. We had almost identical thigh lifts, except my scars run down about 60% of my thigh. I expected to have some amount of groin incision as well, but I didn't have any either.

In my case it's because my the horizontal work took care of the skin. A vertical addition would have really not done much more since the loose skin was taken off already. I am sure it may have made me a bit tighter, but with my skin quality (not very elastic due to massive weight loss) gravity probably would have not been on my side anyway.

I love your take on quality of life. That has been my goal all along. Have some confidence to take my kids for a swim, wear a pair of shorts and not be miserable (legs riding up). I'll never grace the cover of a Victoria's catalog, but I look pretty darn good considering I was 100 lbs overweight for most of my childhood. No amount of surgery would make me perfect, and I have learned to embrace the positive changes.....

Happy healing!
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Summer 2011: ETT, armlift, thigh lift, BL/BA and a few revisions along the way.....
A worthwhile journey takes time! Patience and humor are required. :)
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