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For Those in Ontario Canada

Re: For Those in Ontario Canada

Postby taniakeys » Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:29 am

I don’t live in Ontario but I can easily tell you that is very difficult that OHIP covers your TT. The case has to be extreme and the process is very long.
And you have to know that although they cover your TT, you not always choose your surgeon, or the hospital where your surgery will be performed. OK this is not a major problem but I had a tt done and can tell you that a TT has to be performed by a skilled surgeon who used to perform this kind of procedure because this procedure is above all an aesthetic procedure,, in some case it is also a medical but most of case are for aesthetic reasons.
A TT done by a dr. or surgeon who is not expert in this type of procedure can be a disaster!! The scar can be higher or just ugly; for sure your skin excess will disappear but if the surgery is not done by a skilled surgeon and your keep an ugly scar, believe me it worst.
If you can’t afford a TT in your country (it was my case), nowadays there are many affordable options overseas, there are many clinics, hospitals, medical center in South America provide foreign patients with world-class facilities, a dream team medical staff and cutting-edge technology. Many medical tourism group or hospital overseas have taken the time and effort (as well as invested considerable funds) to become accredited by organizations such as Joint Commission International.
Destinations such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia or Mexico are excellent destinations to benefit from a plastic surgery at affordable cost with skilled surgeons.
I had my surgery done in Bolivia and I paid $7,000 for a full TT along with a liposuction of abdomen, flanks, arms, inner and outer thigh, back and a breast lift with breast implants. This is just a gift! I am so happy with my results that I can’t stop recommend people who can’t afford a surgery in their country to take the time to research an affordable option overseas. A TT in South America is very affordable. I had my surgery at MakeoverTarvel medical center and the cost of a TT is around $2,500!! It is the price of a trip in a good resort for 1 week! :P
Procedures done: Tummy Tuck / Breast lift + implants / lipo on abd, flanks, back, arms, inner thighs
Total procedures cost: $7,000 ! at MakeoverTravel clinic in South America
Outcomes: Excellent results
Next surgery: Butt augmentation 2012
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Re: For Those in Ontario Canada

Postby hockeymom96 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:07 pm

I realize this thread is old but I'm hoping for some info. I went for my consult yesterday and my ps said I definitely fit the criteria for a tt. They were sending the request right to ohip , I have had four children, a bowel resection for forums disease and a c section with my youngest child. I'm wondering what the process for appeal is, just in case.
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Re: For Those in Ontario Canada

Postby jibi07 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:54 am

Hi there, I lost over 200 pounds and already had this surgery but still have really bad hanging skin from my upper arms, and upper belly. I do have health issues because of it. Has anyone had those skin removal surgeries covered by OHIP? how did you get it covered? Thanks in advance.
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Re: For Those in Ontario Canada

Postby twiggs » Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:07 pm

what doctor did you see? mine is wonderful really with the kids but she doesn't think tt are necessary says she's been trying to get the guy one after he lost 120lbs and has severe sores under his droopy skin (which truly I don't have)...
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