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LOW IRON before surgery?

LOW IRON before surgery?

Postby AnxiousAndExcited » Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:28 am

My ps called yesterday (less than 48 hours until sx) and told me I have to have labs done because I have had gastric bypass or they can't go forward. Ok - I scheduled my surgery 5 WEEKS ago... why are they requiring labs at this late in the game? Anyway.. went down and paid out of pocket to have lab work done STAT!

The results came back this morning and they said everything looks good EXCEPT - gotta love that right? - my iron is low. I am pretty anemic. They think it will be fine for the procedure tomorrow. They told me I need to be on iron supplements for the next month starting today.

They said although it is unlikely they wanted me to know that tomorrow they are starting with my breasts and if for some reason bleeding becomes an issue they will have to stop and perform the tummy tuck at a later date. Grrrr!!!

I am so freaked out that it will be broken into two procedures. I can't do that - we just have the time for hubby to help with the 3 little ones. Anyway - did anyone have this issue come up? Hoping there is someone on the otherside that said they did and it was fine!
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Postby ugotlolita » Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:38 am

it happened to me.................

My labs the morning of the surgery came back low iron as well.
She advised me they would do the tummy tuck and if everything went well they would do the lipo.

Everything went well, i had them both done

The same will happen with you. Also The dr advised that I take 3 iron pills for the first month after surgery.

God speed.

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Postby calgarywoman » Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:44 am

Sorry to hear about that.

I have always been Anemic and I was at the bottom line before the sx. With my other sx (e.g c-sections, fibroid removal) I was placed on iron pills for a month before these sx. But with TT, since my ps stopped all my multivitamins 2 weeks before, I wasn't able to take my iron pills past 2 weeks before. I only had one procedure done which is TT and I started taking my Iron pills right away. My ps doesn't do combination to start with.

Allow the doctor to use his/her best judgement during the procedure, your safety is more important, don't force it.

Good luck tomorrow.
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Postby lipotina » Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:13 pm

I tend to be amemic so I started iron pills for a month before surgery. Actually, I hate the iron pills because the constipate the hell out of me so, I take Flinstones vitamins with iron ;) My labs came back & I found out the morning of surgery that iron was ok. Better start the stool softner ASAP & continue taking it after surgery as well, especially on iron supplements! Another tip for iron, Total cereals have 100% of your daily iron needs. You will most likley be fine but definatley listen to your doc and keep up with the iron so you're not as exhausted postop. Good luck & see you in the flatlands!
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