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Post-Op Nerve Pain (Burning/Itching)...driving me crazy!!!

Post-Op Nerve Pain (Burning/Itching)...driving me crazy!!!

Postby Ally82782 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 2:26 am

I need help...

I have been really bothered lately by this burning pain on and under my skin (sometimes it covers a large area and sometimes I get a more intense burning that I can only guess feels similar to having a cigarette put out on my body) and I also have occasional sharp shooting pains (that are very brief but sort of feel like electric currents shooting a little deeper below the surface). I am told by my PS that it is all from the nerves reconnecting - but it has been pretty bad for the last 2 weeks (I am 5 weeks out from my LBL) and haven't really seen anyone else complaining of this, but I am hoping someone will have some suggestions.

It all started on my right outer thigh pretty much right after surgery as a sort of mild burning sensation where I had some lipo during my LBL. It wasn't too bad, so I figured it was no big deal (especially after I was told it was normal).

The problem is, it seems to be getting worse, and as time passes more areas of my body are affected.

Currently, it is mostly on the right side of my body (which also happens to be the side I am the most swollen on) and mainly in the areas where I had lipo, such as my thighs, stomach and flanks.

Additionally, my joints especially my shoulder, hip, fingers and toes (again, mainly on my right side) have a constant "pins and needles" feel mixed with a sort of dull/numbing pain. I am diabetic, and so is my dad who has has several surgeries to fix diabetic neuropathy and tells me that the sensations I have described in my joints sound simliar to his.

I also have really bad itching on my lower tummy but its strange because I cant feel anything when I touch the same area with my hand...so scratching does me no good whatsoever.

I hate to write out this laundry list of complaints because I consider myself lucky to have experienced very little "traditional pain," but between the itching and burning feeling I am having a real problem sleeping and I must admit it is driving me a little crazy.

I just lay in bed most of the night and maybe get an hour or two of sleep...it is so frustrating to be so uncomfortable (it is much worse when I am inactive and at night). It really isn't the severity of the pain that bothers me - the most intense bouts are severe but very brief and only happen 1-2 times an hour. However, the burning, numbness and joint pain are becoming pretty unbearable - it is just so constant and has lasted so long that I am feeling a little lost and very frustrated.

My PS has given me a couple of RX to try but the first (lyrica) didn't really do much and was very expensive and the second (I don't remember what it is called though I know it is also an anti-depressant) helps me get to sleep eventually but knocks me out for a solid 12-14 hours - and who has time for that? (and I only take half of the lowest dose). I have also tried sleeping pills and painkillers but nothing is really helping.

My PS also said that this is typically a problem for older patients and happens much later in the healing process (after a couple of months) and that the fact that my healing has happened so much more rapidly than she has seen may infact be what is causing this. My Diabetes is very well controlled as well so she doesn't think it a contributing factor (my endocrinologist agrees).

Anyway, has anyone else experienced this chronic nerve pain after surgery? How long did it last? What were you able to do to make yourself more comfortable? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!



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Postby TammyLyn » Mon Sep 15, 2008 2:42 am


I too had quite similar pains/ burning... so you're certainly not alone there!

A couple of things I tried that usually helped...

massage - if I could I would massage the area by hand... along or around my incision or where ever and I also picked up one of those 3 pronged mini massagers (that fit in the palm of your hand) It was very helpful for when I was at work or out somewhere and I couldn't get my hands to the spot lol

Tapping is another trick... for those itchy areas that you really shouldn't or can't scratch... I learned this one from my tattoo artist.

Unfortunately I still have the occasional spot that acts up ... they get itchy more than anything (I'm 10 months out btw)

I didn't have much lipo done but have heard it is worse in those areas

grrr... the frustration
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Postby ronda44 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 5:43 am

:shock: I don't know if this will help you in your case but........ A special lady on here " :D Germaine" suggested to me to ask my MD about Neurontin. This medication absolutely DID HELP ME SO MUCH. I actually asked my MD if it would help these stinging, stabbing pains that were so hard to describe. He told me that with what I did describe that this med might actually work. He sort of got this look in his eye that was like..."Hmmmm, why didn't I think of that? :? He told me that this med is use for nerve pain, nerve ending pain etc. It is used with ppl that have shingles which includes Inflammed Nerve Endings (which is horrible to feel). This medication really went above and beyond for me. It took about 7-12 days to get in my body real good and start working. But, honey... I can't tell u how much it helped me. I had been getting to where just lifting my right leg to step... sent a searing,sting/burn, :( all the way up to my ab area. It was horrible. The neurontin treated that too. I don't see that it was anything but the Medication. I mean, I was so far post op that it couldn't have been anything else. I really urge you to ask your MD or PS about it. I did end up having to use a very large dose. I ended up taking about 1200 mg. a day. 600mg. tablet x 2 a day. The first week was so interesting. I would take it at night and well, I would feel like I was leaning on one side and I'd get unbalanced, but that went away once my body adjusted to the meds. I still have a hard time believing that it was just a med that help me get movement back and actually be PAIN FREE for almost the whole day. This IS worth asking about. I swear to you!
I still have some on hand, just in case. One thing is, It is so hard to explain the sensations, burn, pain, sticking...etc. Just ask if they will let u try it. Tell them a "friend" suggested it. That is basically what I did. I had that huge open wound. So, I really doubt that the MD was thinking about nerve ending pain. PLEASE... DO THIS... I am so ALMOST certain that you can get some relief with it. I don't think there are any Narcotics in it. ALSO...VERY IMPORTANT! Start taking it only b4 bed unless u wanna look like you've had I dunno 10 shots of some 100 proof? Leaning when you walk, stand or even when u are sitting....YOU LEAN WIT IT! :lol: Which brings me to what can be MY MOTTO! "YOU GOT 2 LEAN WIT IT..YOU GOT TO ROLL WIT IT".... I know that's right. I been Leanin' and Rollin' my ass off for almost 3 yrs.! LOL :lol:
LET ME KNOW !!!!! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RONDA
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Postby madhousemum » Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:45 am

I have been havin the same pains in my belly button.
I went to my gp today and they said exactly that it is the nerve endings and that im healing.
I was convinced that my MR was seperating.
Hope you get some help soon. x
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Postby mimom3 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:03 am

Omg Allison, I could have written your post nearly word-for-word (minus the diabetes). I am having all the same issues right now. I am 6 weeks PO today and it seems to be getting worse as time passes. I also had a CTT (LBL) so its been pretty intense. Ironically I was coming here today to post about the same things! For the itching the only thing that gives me any relief is Benedryl but I can only take it before bed as it totally knocks me out! The rest of it, I'm still looking for answers for. I'm so grossed out by trying to scratch and there being no feeling! Ewww
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Postby somebodystopme » Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:30 pm

Me too. I have it mostly in my back. It's a burning as if something intensely hot has been placed on my back. The itching is bad too.Extremely bad when I get hot or sweaty or after a long drive. The only thing that will soothe it is a hot shower, and letting my skin cool. I have it on both sides where I had LBL.

It's really terrible when I sit still for a long while and then get up. It's so painful. I'll try and massage the pain away..but i'm going to try the neurontin. I'm glad someone mentioned it. I thought that it was maybe because the muscles hadn't been used in such a long time, because I wasn't really able to bend or move my ab muscles from the TT that my back muscles had gotten stiff.

I hope this isn't permanent
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Postby ronda44 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:45 pm

I have been able to come off of the Neurontin. PLEASE... those of you that are experiencing these symptoms.... try the Neurontin. I couldn't believe the relief that I was able to get. Any relief at that point was really welcomed, but I got a lot of help with this Medication. It was amazing... DO GIVE IT A TRY! :wink: I don't see you regretting it!
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