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Anyone have vaginoplasty recently?

Re: Anyone have vaginoplasty recently?

Postby Nyxis » Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:08 am

Had my surg last week at the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. Dr G is a very good Dr. He was professional, answered my questions and talked to me after the surg about any concerns. I'm doing everything they told me to do for after care. I do not want to risk any infection and that. Only thing I did not think of was that going even province to province I had trouble filling out a prescription ad Dr G really did try to get me that prescription. I did not fill it before leaving Ontario because I thought there might be an issue at the airport. I had to make an appointment with my Dr here to get the prescription. It was the pharmacy here that had the issue nothing to do with Dr G and he really did try. Huge thumbs up for that. Only thing I don't agree with was that they said people can go back to work after 2 days. UMMMM NOPE. Not me, maybe I'm a suck but I was in a recliner at most. Lay down, maybe stand, bending over (ha no) I did go to class 4 days after surg and had to sit for 4 hours. I was not happy, not a lot of pain but very uncomfy.
As for pain, I thought it would be way worse then it is. I'd say it's not painful but uncomfortable. I think the most pain would be those that have the lips done.
After the surg it felt like.... I had a bruised tailbone and asked what was up with that and it still bothers me. They said nothing was done that should feel like that. After thinking about it, I think it must be the stitches up inside. Also start taking softeners 3-4 days at least prior.
So far, I would do this again.
It's only been 7 days and I think now the stitches are starting to feel tight. There are tiny tiny sharp stings down there every now and then.
I'm so afraid of infection that I wash my sheets every other day, of course clean underwear but change a pad every 4 hours. I will write again in a week.
One thing that was not recommended was my flying home the same day. Which I did and to ME I'm glad I did. If I had to travel the next day, that WOULD have been painful.
I did look with a mirror down there and yup, it's stitched up for sure.
Something this clinic pointed out and I never thought to ask. Where ever you are going ask if they tighten the whole length and not just either the entrance or the top.
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Re: Anyone have vaginoplasty recently?

Postby Claudette08 » Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:28 pm

Hello everybody,

Could you please post as well which Doctor have done your vaginoplasty? I am 9 months post partum and the changes are really huge. My self esteem has fot very low after the child birth and I absolutely need to redo my vagina and the perinee. I tried to find a doctor in the city I live, Brussels but seems that nobody has done this surgery before. I m tring now to get info about doctors who are specialised in this kind of surgery.
Thank you in advance and hope you re all happier now!
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