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advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby SinkShips » Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:24 pm

Hey did you make your decision? How are you doing?
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Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby bloggirl » Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:09 pm

I have read all of the replies and the only thing I can say is consult with multiple doctors. I think it is so important to do as much research as possible to make an informed decision. You're putting a lot of trust into these men and women so get to know them. I had labiaplasty performed over two years ago and luckily had a very good experience. I ended up going with the 6th doctor I met with. I didn't choose the most expensive and didn't choose the cheapest one. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. Dr. Antoine Hanna in Oxnard, California.
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Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby _chirpy_chick_ » Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:36 pm

hi.. sorry for long reply ladies.. well basically my situation is that i payed for the surgery so if i want to rebook it i will pay a £250 rebooking charge but if I dont rebook it I loose my money.. thats £2500 that I paid for the surgery. and i am not a rich person who has money like that to blow :-S And also I have around 6 months to rebook it so that gives me till around september to decide I'm not sure if it would be possible to extend that time if I did ask though.
At the time when I booked the surgery I was feeling very insecure about myself but I am upset I wasnt given a cooling off period and I was allowed to book the surgery before being able to think it through properly. As although I thought I was sure at the time obviously I wasnt.. I dont think I was thinking straight at all and my judgement was clouded by my insecurity. I think the lady was too pushy who gave me the consultation really.
My feelings on the matter at the moment are still mixed and I am upset about the money when I think what else I could have spent it on if i dont end up having the surgery..
my feelings on the matter at the moment are I am feeling alot more confident about myself in general. I have been working very hard to improve my self esteem and think postiively about myself. my feeling on the matter now is just everyone is different some people have something sticking out some people dont apparantly from my research its about 50/50.. ok im going to be controversial saying this but maybe having a bit more developed labia is just womanly.. i used to get freaked out thinking they looked a bit like mens parts or something wierd as if girls should have nothing on the outside but some do and thats just completely normal.. if we all had big pubic bushes au naturel like they did in the 70's when people didnt shave like they do today nobody would even probably notice
also the inner labia do have a purpose because think how much that whole area has to stretch during childbirth having a bit of extra skin would sure help its just natural haha
i really dont think men are put off by them even if they do make jokes about them but probably you being insecure would put them off you so if you can be confident with what you have you will be absolutely fine. men just love sex in general sorry I dont mean that in a rude way but they are not going to care about a bit of extra skin and they want to be with you as a person.. but if you were having sex and you were thinking that they were put off by them that could probably ruin the moment a bit sorry I dont mean to talk about sex but just wanted to say my point of view.. its all about confidence really isnt it and thats why someone has plastic surgery to make themselves feel more confident
as you can probably tell i am very much veering off having the surgery lol.. I am also worried that I might not look completely natural down there and have scars that I would have to explain about and also I would not want to go through the pain and recovery unless I 100% wanted it. I still only have my moms opinion as I havent told any friends as its hard to know who to trust and also its embarrassing.
i have still not completely make my mind up but this is how I feel at the moment and at the moment I do not feel like I have an ungly vulva i feel like I am normal..before I felt like i was ugly down there please I dont want to argue with anyone because I know most people here are pro-surgery but this is just my point of view
thanks so much ladies for your help and advice love to you all xxx
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Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby t13nif » Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:14 pm

One thing i have learned from plastic surgery in general, is that it never turns out perfectly how you imagine it. Therefore, you have to be prepared to be satisfied with an improvement in general. I have had lipo, otoplasty, rhinoplasty and breast reduction and lift. With each of these, there are negatives as well as positives, but in each case, it was worth it to me because i was so unhappy with the way things were, that the negatives of the surgeries were still better than the status quo. So, the way you feel now, DO NOT HAVE SURGERY. It has to be something you are so unhappy with that you will be prepared to accept some negatives. I hope this made sense.
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Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby _chirpy_chick_ » Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:49 pm

thanks for that, yes very true it definitely makes sense what you are saying
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Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby Kikki74 » Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:58 pm

I know you posted in March and its July now - but I just thought I'd tell you - I was also thinking of backing out of my operation! And I was in another country - on my own! :) But I didn't - I just said - people do this EVERY DAY! Come ON! Just be brave, and trust the doctor.

In fact - I think it was horrible of your doctor to tell you he didn't know why you were doing it. My doctor told me I deserved the operation, and I _should_ have it, and he was very supportive. (You know - GOD how humiliating - he's already SEEN your body and he tells you he doesn't know why people do it! How horrible!) I fell really sorry that that happened to you.

I was thinking - what if something horrible happens - I have ongoing pain or theres a mistake or ANYTHING - but I had suffered for SO long I just couldn't stand it any more. My whole attitude to my body had changed now. I am just SO happy! I am over the moon! All those years of being uncomfortable - ERASED. The shame of feeling so grotesque - gone.

I am glad I stayed and suffered that last humiliation of actually having myself on display like that (which was pretty confronting). Once it was over - I was a new woman. :)
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Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby Roaddog » Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:36 am

Chirpy...I will be honest with you...completely. If it bothers you at 22 its not going to stop bothering you. I am a firm believer that if something makes us feel insecure about our bodies and we can change it then why wouldnt we.

You are an adult and i know your Mom thinks it not something you should do but again...its your body and your money. I say go for it.
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Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby Jlk70 » Sat Feb 19, 2011 11:25 pm

I wanted some insight on other peoples experience. I had labiaplasty on Tuesday (4 days ago) and it's still really swollen and I'm a little concerned. In the recovery room my left labia started bleeding really bad. The Dr had to come in and apply more stitches and due to a lot of swelling (a hematoma) I spent the night. The swelling went down a lot in the hospital but it's still really swollen. I've been home 3 days now and icing when I sleep & on the couch (which is 95% of the time). The ice helps. I didn't do a sitz bath until the 3rd day and on the 4th both a sitz bath and a shower. Pain wise it's uncomfortable. Walking without underwear is okay but anything touching aggrivates it. It's pretty tender. After bathing I air dry it & apply lanocaine (topical pain relief) & at night progesterone cream. I went off pain killers 3 days after. Peeing & bowel movements are okay.
My concern is when will the swelling go down? Anyone else have this issue? Everything I read says 4 days to 2 weeks for swelling to go down. I took 5 days off work & the idea of going back in 2 days seems impossible. I'm a high school teacher & can't go back walking like I am.
I'm just looking for some feedback to help me realize how much longer I'm dealing with in regards to swelling & walking normal.
Honestly, so far I'm regretting having this done. I hope in the end (once it's healed) I'll be happy with the results. This is pretty uncomfortable & I'm tired of being a couch potato.
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Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby femmyllama » Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:09 pm

I am 21 years old and my labia minora protrude about 2cm past my labia majora. But I just wanted to reassure you that there are guys out there who like bigger labia. My boyfriend loves them and there are entire websites, porn sites, and blogs devoted to women with bigger labia and the men and women who love them and are turned on by them. I have even seen blogs that men have written asking someone to help them convince their girlfriends that they are beautiful with their bigger labia!

Just like everyone said, just be sure to extensively research the procedures, surgeons, and how the side effects are different for everyone.

Good luck!
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Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby Karren46 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:25 am

I came across this when looking for information on a vaginoplasty for my sister and it seems there are so many women looking to change the way they look yet there are not enough resources.

In my opinion may I suggest that if a woman is looking at potential surgery and it's not for medical reasons then ask yourself "Will it make improve me emotionally or mentally?" If you can say with almost 100% certainty that this would be the case then what is there to worry about as long as you are happy in yourself?

I'm not sure if we're allowed to post references in here but I did find a great guide to vaginoplasty thefemalesurgery.com/vaginoplasty-surgery-and-cost which talks in-depth about pre and post-operation and also has info on costs and trends of vaginal surgery.

They also have another guide for labiaplasty too.
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Re: advice from ladies who have had labiaplasty please!!!

Postby Chanttruth » Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:15 am

Hello beautiful women of the world. I had labiaplasty done 18 months ago.- I did it myself. I have lived with this secret until today.My partner knows and now you people who read my story.At age 3 I had a terrible accident which left me with a torn left side labia.As I grew up my inner labia became an outies- lol. This made my injury very noticable . I approached my doctor to ask if he could repair the torn labia and he just said " it makes you special" . I have had 3 relationships my first was a marriage of ten years with a man who loved to read pornographic magazines ,I was 19 when we met and it was my first look at other women's vaginas - I became extremely embarrassed and self conscious of my vagina.my next relationship was brief ( 6 months ) on one occasion my partner grabbed one piece of my torn labia and wiggled it in belittlement- I became even more embarrassed and self conscious.i then met my current partner of 9 years who never did or said anything directly to make me feel uncomfortable but did drop insensitive remarks like " I like porn with Jenna jamieson in it she has a perfect vagina". I tried to talk to my partner about labiaplasty but he would cut me off and just say I don't want to hear it there's nothing wrong with you.All of you women who are considering having this procedure done know it's both the physical discomfort as well as the psychological torment that drives one to have it done. I didn't have the money being a stay at home mum and so I researched and did it myself- do not attempt this yourself!.I was lucky I survived I had no medical help I was to ashamed to tell anyone in fear of being labelled as a nutta!- Iam not a nutta I was desperate for a medical procedure I couldnt afford.Iam sharing my story so that maybe a medical professional or politician might read it and see just how bigger issue this is for us women and maybe one day it will be free and available to women af all ages and no one will be so insecure of themselves that they do what I did.
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