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Considering Labiaplasty but prone to keloid scarring

Considering Labiaplasty but prone to keloid scarring

Postby anythingispossibleshebelieved » Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:47 pm

Hi, I am now 25 and have been considering labiaplasty for over 10 years now! I have very large labia and find it very uncomfortable as it rubs no matter what underwear I seem to try and becomes quite sore and uncomfortable. It also makes certain activities such as riding a bike etc. impossible! Also not to mention the fact that I am unbelievably self conscious (as many of us who have this are) to the point that I have only had a single sexual experience in my lifetime (and even then having large labia meant having sex was awkward and difficult :(

The only thing that holds me back from getting it done is the fact that in the past, when having a mole removed I was left with a keloid scar (raised scarring) which despite treatment continually comes back.

I have read that I shouldn't worry about this as the chances of keloid scarring from this op are about 1% but someone has to be in that 1%! I would really like to know to what extent this would affect how it wold look afterwards (I have tried finding photos online of keloid scarring after the op but can't seem to find any!) and whether anything can be done if it does scar badly or if anyone else has either experienced this or is prone to keloid scarring but had the op anyway? and whether you could tell me how it went please?

Please please help me :(
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Re: Considering Labiaplasty but prone to keloid scarring

Postby happy_smurfette » Thu Oct 02, 2014 8:44 am

I too have had a mole removed (on my back) and have a keloid scar from it. The problem is that for simple excisions like mole removals, they usually don't stitch, which leaves an open wound and the skin doesn't heal right. For this operation, they will stitch, which tends to pull the skin together and tighten it up.

There are two options. First you could get a Barbie labiaplasty, which naturally create that tension because the labia is removed and the remaining skin becomes taught. Or if you want more labia left, you could have the stitching done on the inside of the labia so it wouldn't show when you are standing up.

Personally I went for the Barbie which a lot on here recommended against, but it worked out well for me. No keloid scarring, it looks as if I was born this way.
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