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My Experience

My Experience

Postby GA21 » Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:39 pm

Hi, I thought I would share my experience with Dr. Roy Jackson of Vancouver in regards to my labiaplasty he performed on me. I am 22, and had been wanting this procedure since I was twelve. My labia-minora was, of course, larger than normal and got in the way of horse back riding, cycling, and I felt/feel uncomfortable sexually with it so enlarged, and it is the biggest reason that I still have my virginity. I originally seeked medical help when I turned 19 but couldn’t afford the procedure at the time so resigned myself to saving up. Once I could afford it (3 years later), I went back to schedule the operation with Dr Jackson. He was referred by my family doctor.

The procedure went well, no problems with anesthesia or anything like that. I had what the doctor called a Laser Assisted Labiaplasty. Even the pain after the surgery was minimal. The hours following surgery were the most painful I’d say, luckily I was able to sleep easily afterwards and didn’t experience much discomfort. I pretty much had an ice pack between my legs up against my groin for the better part of the week following the operation, and took a week off as well. I think those two things helped a lot. I would either sit comfortable on a soft cushion sofa or lay in bed. Pain was minimal as long as I kept the ice on me, and really had no need for the painkillers. When I took painkillers it was more to get a bit of the swelling to go down, or to help me get comfortable to get to bed, but even then I have more than half the bottle prescribed to me left. It took only about two days before I felt well enough to go out with friends, although I did walk bowlegged (I told them I strained a muscle). Maintaining hygiene wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, but the first few times I urinated it did sting/burn a bit. I would make sure to have a cup of luke warm water, would use that to clean myself off after using the bathroom. Showering for the first time afterwards was easy as well, I would let some of the water clean myself of some of the discharge or little spots of blood. I was also told not to bath for at least 4 weeks, and no sexual activity for 6. I made sure to wear a panty-liner for the first week afterwards as well just to get any of the blood or discharge from staining my underwear, and of course lots of PJ and sweat pants.

A week after surgery I went back to meet with the Dr for a follow up and he said I was doing fantastic, and there were no complications during surgery or anything of that sort. Apparently I was healing quicker than he thought I would which is always a good sign.

Now its just been a week and half since the surgery and I’m able to clean myself more easily, but I still can’t ‘wipe’ after using the bathroom and still use the hot water and patting myself dry technique. There is still swelling (I hope its swelling), and the stitches are still a bit tender, and its itchy as hell. I haven’t been using any creams, lotions, or anything like that because I was told not to, but the itching is incredibly annoying I find.

I go in for another check up in 2.5 weeks and hopefully the swelling subsides a bit more by then and I will know if I like the outcome or not. Right now I am happy with the way it looks, mostly. Its just a relief to have finally done the operation, and be recovering, I don’t want to complain about anything until I’m all healed.
Hopefully I will be more healed up more by next month and will be able to go swimming and unwind for the summer.

If anyone has any questions about my experience I’d be happy to answer. I know forums like these really helped me when I was younger and wanted to know more about this surgery. It wasn’t something I could just ask friends about, so I want to give back a bit so to say. I did take post-op photos, and a week after photos, and will probably be down week by week pictures just so I can see how quickly I heal or what changes or what I still don't like if there is anything. I probably won't share these unless its on request on a person by person basis.
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Re: My Experience

Postby lolabelle17 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:52 pm

i had a labia minora reduction surgery done three weeks ago today and i am not experiencing anymore pain but it sometimes gets extremely itchy to the point where it burns. just wondering if there are any ways to stop this itching and also wondering what might be causing the extreme itchiness! thanks.
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Re: My Experience

Postby babygirl92 » Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:09 pm

I had labiaplasty almost two weeks ago.. When i first arrive from the hospital i was very sore.. but the medication helped out alot. I got told to bath in bath salts and apply polysporin at least twice a day.. My stitches really bothered me because they would get caught on my underwear and pinch me.. but if you make sure its always covered in polysporin it should be fine. Make sure to relax so you can heal.. the more you do stuff the more it will take to heal.. I found it got really really itchy about a week and something in.. just means its healing.. I would talk to your doctor and ask him for some anti inching cream.. or pat it gently.. After the stitches dissolve or you get them taken out it relives alot of the itch although it will still be a bit itchy since its in a healing process.. I'm still definitely tender down there and a bit swollen.. I'm not exactly sure on how its gunna look yet but I'm hoping for the best! It definitely takes time soo be patient ladies.. and make sure you keep that area super clean so it doesn't get infected..
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Re: My Experience

Postby brightside91 » Sat Jun 24, 2017 7:41 pm

hi, I'm looking into getting a labiaplasty and came across dr.jackson but can't find any before and after photos or anything! Did you have a good experience with him?
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