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My Experience With Labiaplasty in MELB

My Experience With Labiaplasty in MELB

Postby stac3y » Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:35 am

Hi everyone,

For those of you in Melbourne curious about undertaking labiaplasty surgery here is a little bit about my own personal experience.
This is a post that I feel like I should have made a while ago, as it was around this time last year when I was preparing for the lead up to my surgery. I had always been uncomfortable with the shape and size of my labia and felt that they were 'abnormal' in appearance. My discomfort had grown dramatically in the past two years, to the point where I did not feel comfortable undertaking experiences with guys in daylight or having a guy go down on me. It was when I turned 18 and started working that I started to genuinely get serious about having an operation and researching possibilities.

I had my initial consultation with Endless Solutions in Port Melbourne and it was there that I met with the amazing team and decided that I was ready to continue with my plans for the surgery - the only problem was the $4500 that it was going to cost me. I spent the rest of the year determined and saved the money that I needed. (Medicare did pay for some coverage but not a great deal, from memory it was around the $1000 mark and this was only paid to me after I had already undertaken the procedure, so I needed to come up with the money in full before I would be reimbursed).

For anyone looking into this surgery I would highly recommend the team at Endless Solutions - in particular Dr. David Topchian who was the surgeon on my case consulting with me and making me feel extremely reassured and comfortable throughout what could have otherwise been a very scary experience. His expertise and insight was extremely comforting, as was that of the nurse who also looked after me. I was too ashamed to tell anyone of my plans for the surgery so I went into it entirely alone - and although I was meant to have a contact to pick me up post-surgery I planned to get a taxi and faked the documentation until after the surgery when I guiltily told the nurses who thankfully were very nice and understanding and allowed me to leave in the taxi to go home (as I obviously was not allowed to drive post-surgery).

My main reasons for writing this post, along with recommending a surgeon (as I felt this was my main struggle going into this - not knowing where to go that I was confident would give me the results that I wanted) were that I wanted to share some tips about what to expect post-surgery and recovery times.

Prior to the surgery I had purchased some pads for the bleeding, some probiotics, greek yoghurt, and unrefined, natural coconut oil. I also had the medication ready for when I got home, as I knew I would not be able to go out and drive after surgery and I wasn't sure how much pain I would be in.

I was given a Webster pack with a lot of medication for me to take post surgery to decrease the risk of infection and to help with the healing process, but from my own experience medication can lead to experiencing a yeast infection or 'thrush' by lowering the bodies resistance and killing the good bacteria along with the bad. I wanted to make absolutely certain that I didn't contract this as it would have made the healing process so much harder.

To prevent this, every day after the surgery I would take probiotics (and in the days leading up to the surgery as well- to ensure that I had built up a level of immunity that would not easily be striped away). I also would eat a few large scoops of greek yoghurt every day- as the yoghurt contains good flora to prevent against thrush.

Now to explain the coconut - I had read in some other blog posts that coconut promotes wound healing so I wanted to test this out. Every day I mixed the coconut oil into my yoghurt. I would also mix it in with my smoothies and basically try to incorporate it into my food or drinks wherever possible - even in coffee/hot chocolate (now I absolutely hate the taste because I forced myself to eat it so much haha).
I also rubbed the coconut oil gently into my sutures twice a day- this way I was getting the benefits of the coconut both internally and also externally.

Everyday for the first few weeks I would also have a salt water bath and in the first few days after surgery I had this bath twice a day. Not a full tub but just some shallow lukewarm water that I poured salt into to gently cleanse the wound and sterilise from any bacteria.

The healing went well but I recommend a full week off work. You also don't want to be walking excessively and especially no exercise in the early days after surgery- just taking things really slowly. In terms of getting back to sexual activity it was about one month post surgery before I considered returning to this and I made sure that I was cleared by my surgeon prior to this to make sure that all my sutures had fully dissolved and healing was well on track. It's all about how you feel your recovery is going personally before you can make this decision - you don't want to rush into things and ruin all your hard work and healing.

For me that part was the hardest as I had recently begun seeing a guy and we had already had sex prior to the operation (of course in the dark because I was so insecure), so then after the operation I had to be like "I want to go slow I think we rushed things" and take a huge step back while I was healing and I found it really hard to come up with excuses but tried my best to only see him during the day in public places type thing. Even when I got the okay from the surgeon I was still keen to go very slowly but he of course had no idea about the surgery. He is now my partner of a year but I still haven't confided in him, or anyone, that's how big of a deal it was for me.

I am however, incredibly pleased with the results. My vagina looks 100% better and I have so much more confidence. I would highly recommend this surgery to anyone, just make sure that you do your research first about the clinic and surgeon so that you are fully informed, feel comfortable about your decision, and can overall hopefully also come away with as happy a result :)
I won't be responding again on this post, so I hope that I have included everything that you needed or at least answered some of your questions. Goodluck!
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Re: My Experience With Labiaplasty in MELB

Postby happy_smurfette » Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:27 am

So are you now comfortable making love in the day so your boyfriend can see you in full light? Do you have confidence to walk around naked in front of him?

Personally, these are the things that changed. It gave me the self confidence to become the sexual being I deserved to be.

If you comment on this, it will help others to understand the added confidence this procedure brings. It's not just a "pretty pussy" because it does bring that, but it also brings increased self confidence.
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