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How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby asteele » Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:38 am

Hi all...my name is Jo...I am scheduled to have my vaginoplasty and labiaplasty Feb 8th, 2013 and must admit I am a little scared. Doctor said the surgery will be about 5 hours long as when he does it he recreates the natural rugae in the vagina. He talked about matching the hymen tags that are still visble. Being able to reduce to the size of his thumb. I have given birth to 4 children so I m looking forward to this!!! It has had a major impact on my sex life. I think my biggest worry is recovery and sex afterwards. How long before you are able to get back to comfortable sex? Any suggestions for the first time? Some sites mention stretching before hand, using dialators? My husband is in the service and will not return home until 3 months after my surgery. Is this a big plus for healing? Do others thing they would have benefited from longer healing time? And PLEASE tell me....IS THE SEX PHYSICALLY BETTER FOR YOU, not just your husbands after the surgery? Any do's or don't advice? Thank you all in advance!!
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby kjkj » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:56 pm

Good luck with everything. I'm looking at getting it done this year. I'm still looking for a good surgeon in my area.
Keep as updated with your journey
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby aliceinwonderland1234 » Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:19 pm

I am so glad I found this forum. I felt so alone with no one to talk to, and then I hear your stories and comments that sounds exactly like what I have been going through with my husband. Well I cannot report on the sexual experience after wards because I just had my surgery on Friday, January 11th. I will post my experience and my journey. But in the mean time thank you to all the ladies for sharing and helping me keep my sanity!!!!

Oh wow, I had my surgery on the same day as you!!! You are supposed to see the final results between weeks two and three, what does it feel like up there to you? I am really not very happy with my results. The surgeon said that he would do me at between 1 and 1.5 fingers. Maybe he had giants hands or something, because my hole can easily fit two fingers in there, no stretching required. If three stretch in after I can try in 2 months I will go mad.

I must confess to having had a gentle rummage down there, and the right wall of my vagina is a really weird shape. Its like a trumpet, starting wide, and curving sharply inwards- the left wall is straight. And my whole vagina is bending back and upwards like a banana, I cant even feel my cervix anywhere. Where-the-hell-has-my-cervix-gone? :)

I had a really in-depth vaginoplasty diary on another site... I wrote about 10 1000 word posts, and the thread got deleted. I am SO ANGRY at them! Some of my most recent posts were still on my homepage (not visible to the public), but nothing about my thoughts and feelings leading up to the op. I may cut and paste them into here actually...

I had a problem with wind from my bum going into my vagina. It was such a faint feeling that I couldn't be sure, but the day after eating a curry I got a spicy feeling in my vag! So I have had to g to hospital to get that looked at. They couldn't find any obvious signs of it on an internal scan, and they said I have got an infection tho and gave me two different sets of strong antibiotics.

Hiya Jo, not long to go now eeeeek! That is a long time to be in surgery for, it sounds like he knows what he is doing though :) Its been just over two weeks for me since I got the op done, and although the pain is nasty at first (Probably in my case not helped by getting zero painkillers), it is okay by 10 days, and I am fine now, although I'm getting tired easily, and in the late afternoon I get a bit sore, but that is with an infection. I am so jealous that you are going down to the size of a thumb! Unfortunately, I will not have to stretch myself out the way most people who have this op do, so I won't be able to talk about that.

Does your husband know that your getting it done, or are you surprising him?
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby aliceinwonderland1234 » Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:35 pm

Hi guys, these are the posts I have managed to recover from my "Recent posts" section of the other forum. Its a shame my troubles in finding a surgeon are no longer there. Finding a surgeon was the hardest part, and I have not got the energy to explain it all again just yet. Sorry if I am overtaking this page a bit, I hope its helpful to you reading it.

Thursday, 27 December 2012 23:39
Will also be taking arnica and pineapple enzyme tablets as they help reduce swelling and aid healing. And also an inflatable ring in case I need it on the journey back. Will probably get some funny looks, but I couldn't give a rats bottom. :) Ooooh, I am looking forwards to having a tight hole! Every time I hear the words loose, or tight, in whatever context, I cringe, and I have done for years. It will be nice not to be reminded horribly of my problem in the middle of random conversations any more.
Sunday, 06 January 2013 00:13
Only 6 more sleeps! I tried to go for my pre-operative tests on new years eve... I rang up the hospital before hand, and the lady the said it would be fine with a Belgium prescription. But I got all the way down there, and they wouldnt do it :( So I had to wait till the third, which I know is cutting it a bit fine. The nurse wrote me out an english prescription/form for an ecg and the blood tests, and you just turn up at the hospital for them. I had my ECG, and everythings was fine, then the nurse said to me that its up to 10 days for the results eeeeeeek. The blood tests results will be back on tuesday, thank god. I emailed the surgeon and thankfully he said that he trusts my word that everything was okay on the ECG, and not to worry if the results aren't back in time, just bring the blood results. So that is a releif. I will be back on Thursday, typing away in my hotel room, and letting you all know how the consultation went :) I am a bit worried I will get there and he will tell me I am inoperable for some reason :/ I really am scared.
Re: My vaginoplasty diary :)
Saturday, 12 January 2013 15:13
I have had it done! I am in a slightly better mood now, but I spent all of yesterday crying. The hospital and the nurses were awful. They didnt speak english, didnt give me anypain releif to take home, and didn't give me a drink till about four hours after the operation. Some people have a reacion tomanaethetic which makes them unable to wee. The urine can backmup into the kidneys and cause serious problems... Thats what i had. Despite drinking almost three kitres of fluids, plus a drip, i still hadnt weed at 7pm when they sent me home, as the hospital was closing, only a tiny little dribble, and that was only because i pushed my bladder with a lot of force. At ten oclock at night, i still hadnt urinated, and i was getting into a horrible stress about it. In this situation you need a cathetar... I was on the verge of callingy an ambulance (with no insurance at All which wouldve cost a fortune) as i was in so much pain, and so worried about not being able to wee from my bladder which was putting pressure on my vagina, and was at bursting point by then. i got in the shower, and a bit of wee came out, thank god. I am having he same problem at he moment, have only gone once today. I seem to be in less pain affter doing a wee. Hope it will resolve itself soon or i will have to go o the docs when i get home. I will need to go and some strong painkillers anyway, i am in agony. i expected to b out o it he first few days after the op, i am wide awake and it is hard to just si here and not move, which i need o do if it is going to repair. They didnt call me a cab at the hospital, or walk or wheel me to the main entrance, when i was crying and in pain. It was horrible. The nurses really did not give a shit. The whole experience is horrible, and i am absolutely never going to make the mistake again of going and getting surgery abroad, in a place that doesn't cater for meical tourists. The people in belgium do not seem nice in general. I bought buttermilk by accident the night before the op, and i went to the breakfast bar in the lobby and asked if i could just nick a glass of milk, because i am pain and cant walk to the shop, and they said no. THen the shop they directed me to too was c losed, and i had to walk for an hour and a half in pigeon steps there and back. I just thank god i brought my crutches. My arms and shoulders are aching now from relying on them so heavily. My vagina looks better from the outside, which i wasnt expecting at all, but then i wasn't expecting a perineoplasty. I won't be able o tell for sure till i have shaved in there, but it was looking quite saggy down there, and it doesn't seem to be any more, and the lips look so much smaller, like i have had a labiaplasty! I eplored the entrance with my fingers, and i can fit two fingers in there without stretching. I am a bit dissapointed, as he said he would do it at 1-1.5 finger widths, but it is still a huge improvement. The pelvic floor muscles at the back of my vagina do not feel any different, and dont feel painful... I am worried he hasnt tightened all the way to the back.... If he hasnt, there will be no fury like a wrathed alice, but i will hope for the best.
Re: My vaginoplasty diary :)
Monday, 14 January 2013 19:01
It was horrible, never again!!!! EVERYONE- DO NOT GO TO CLINIQUE SAINT-ANNE SAINT-REMI!!!!!! You have been warned. Luckily I have some strong painkillers at home, where I am back, snug and cosy (have never ever been so glad to get home, ever), and they are doing a nice job of both mellowing me out, and taking away the pain I am drifting on a cloud of wooziness right now. Could have done with this yesterday. I feel like I have sprained my vagina, and my bum canal feels bruised and battered, like I have been anally raped by a gang of marrows. Its weird the pain is most in my bum. The stool softeners they gave me were hardcore. Even though I have less than no trouble going, it feels as if my poos are 20 storeys above the poo canal, inside a giant jelly bag, that I somehow need to push down past all the storeys of bruising. I cannot describe the unpleasant panicky feeling, and it really hurts. I know this is too much info, its for the benefit of people getting it done tho, but the best way for me to poo is standing up, straddling the loo seat, but with my thighs together... That way it puts no pressure on my perineum. Then I wash my bum with the shower. I do my wees in the shower as well, the feel of the water is making it easier to go, although my bladder still isn't emptying properly. I put my finger in earlier on, and the good news is that the tightening does go all the way to the back. It feels different each time I check it out... Atm, it feels quite narrow (1.5 fingers), but really squishy. I am trying to reserve judgement till I have finished healing. But the good news, is that its still tighter than when I was a virgin :D YAY!!!! I keep on getting accidentally turned on about what sex with a tighter vag is going to be like. I am worried I will stretch it out down there, so I am just thinking about neutral things when that happens. But everything is reminding me of sex. Even voucher codes, with lots of S's and X's in them are turning me on. But it hurts so much when that happens. Must stop thinking. Must sleep. Must not have saucy dreams. A top cosmetic gynecologist said that it always stretches by about half a finger width once it gets used to having sex again. I hope that doesn't make it too big :( I am sure I had other things to say, and I will remember them soon, hopefully.
Re: My vaginoplasty diary :)
Thursday, 17 January 2013 14:42
Yesterday I woke up able to walk, which was a pleasant surprise! I have been shuffling around like a 100 year old, and now I am able to take small, tentative steps. I am taking it very easy still tho, and I don't plan on leaving either the sofa or the bed till Monday, when all hell is going to break loose, and I need to stop being so mother-fucking lazy, and work my bum off. In one way its quite nice having to relax, my bf is waiting on me hand and foot, which is wonderful, but my legs feel restless, like they want to go for a run. Although I have jelly legs when I stand up, I feel quite weak really. The pain does seem worse after I have been active. Especially after climbing a lot of stairs. So I am putting both feet on each stair as a precaution, even though I probably don't need to. The pain feels less in my bum now, and more in my vagina. It feels like I have sprained it, but its also throbbing. Got a lot of pinkish discharge this morning as well. But no more blood, thank god. The surgeon emailed me back, and said that a bit of bleeding is normal, as the sutures are absorbed into the skin. It has felt a bit itchy for the past couple of days as well, so I am taking candida tablets. After both surgery down there, and also antibiotics, you are more susceptible to thrush. And believe me, after this op, you really do not want to be thrushy!!! I am taking rather a lot of tablets actually. I wake up in the morning, then swallow an antibiotic, two nurofen, one paracetamol, vitamin tablet, thrush pill, then i chew mt arnica tablets. If the pain gets worse later on in the day, I have a co-dydramol, but that can make me feel a bit sick. I actually have a lot of leftover antibiotics from a urine infection, so I have been taking them three times a day. I know I have already had anti-biotics, but too many can't do any harm. I am just so paranoid about infection. The thought of a cut in my poo tube is most definitely icky. Yus. Very icky. I had my first orgasm yesterday. I couldn't help it. As soon as I got back from Belgium, god, I felt so HORNY!!!! Snogging my oh, was just so wonderful and so passionate. But I got turned on and it hurt. So I stopped. I gave him a bj yesterday, and afterwards I felt so horny, that I couldn't help but touch myself. I thought, well I have sneezed and coughed loads, and that hasn't broken my stitches... So in about 10 seconds I had the most AMAZING orgasm ever. F*&$ ME!!! It was like the first orgasms I used to have. I did go through a stage of about two years of not being able to orgasm, at all, and after that it was like my clitoris had died a little bit. From what I read about it, the problem is psychological. I wonder if this operation has not only changed my body, it has changed my mind as well. I cried great big sobbing tears of happiness after I came. It was amazing, and I know now, for a fact, that my bf will definitely be able to do it for me. He will give me my first ever orgasm from a man. I just can't wait to have sex again! I thought it was only a 6 week wait after the operation, but Dr. Smadja said to me that I need to wait for two months. I might have already mentioned this, but its me and my bf's 10 year anniversary on the 16th of march, which is two months and one week post op. We are going to get a luxury hotel room for a few hundred quid for the night (One of those mystery, heavily discounted ones), and have sex all day and all night :) I have lost 7 pounds without trying in the past couple of weeks, so I am going to try and add to that and lose 20 pounds in the next two months, so I can get a sexy corset, and some stockings ;) That's about it anyway, I shall let you all know how the rest of my recovery goes, if anyone has any questions I will be glad to answer them :)

Monday, 21 January 2013 18:34
Day 10 post op- the day when its officially okay to go back to work! I can't be completely sure, because the sensations in my vagina are not normal, but I feel like when I pass wind, sometimes a bit of the air is coming out of/being trapped inside my vagina. I am getting very freaked out by it. The only reason I have delayed going to the doctors is that I am terrified they will winch me open. I would rather heal before I have any damage repaired. Discharge is normal, mine seemed quite thin and bitter smelling. It is smelling worse and worse, and is getting much stickier since I stopped taking my extended dose of antibiotics. I keep on having hot and cold flushes all day, and I feel a bit achy. That could be completely unrelated to infection tho. I will go to the doctors on Wednesday afternoon if I don't feel any better. Haven't got any time before then. The left side of my vagina has not had much pain... it was mainly the right side. I don't think its a co-incidence that the left side of my vagina had a straight, more normal wall, and that the right side got bigger and ballooned to the left immediately after the front 1cm of the entrance. Because it was in worse shape, that is the side that is stinging the most with shooting pains. My bf put his finger in yesterday. It was the first time I have let him do that with my vaginal muscles relaxed. I always even used to clench when getting a smear test/examined by a nurse when in childbirth lol. I had just orgasmed (sadly he still couldn't do it... I just still can't relax enough... My mind just cant drift, but we will get there, hopefully!) so it was the biggest its going to get, and he was like "Wow!" with an amazed expression on his face. I clenched his finger while it was in there, and it gripped it tightly. I am still worried its not tight enough, but I will wait till I have finished healing for the final verdict. He said it was such a big difference. I think I have phatom-fanny... You know when people who lose a leg still imagine its there... To me, it feels like the internal area that my vagina takes up is the same. Its weird that its not any more. Got lots of work to catch up on, so I am going to have to throw myself into that. I did sit upright yesterday... It is uncomfortable but do-able. There is a much un-used computer room in my uni that no-one knows about, I will go there to get some work done. I can sit on my rubber ring in the corner... Will just cover it up with my coat... Hopefully I will be the only one in the room. I have done a healthy shop, so I definitely lose weight for my pretend honeymoon ;)
Re: My vaginoplasty diary :)
Thursday, 24 January 2013 06:00
I passed wind after eating spicy food, and the spiciness went straight to the top of my vagina, got rather freaked out and went to the hospital. They did an internal examination, took a swab, then told me to come back the next morning for an internal scan. No holes (fistulas) were found, but they said that the area my be weakened by the infection that I have, and I need to go back for a follow up in two weeks. They said it looks like the surgeon did a good job. Have got prescribed two different types of strong dose antibiotic, and there is a lot of discharge. I do not even want to talk about he internal examinations, it really hurt (think its where the probe slid over the infection) and I was petrified it will ruin the final results. Still am. I'm sure the right wall of my vagina is different/bigger :( The other two people I was chatting too who have got this op done need to use dilators to stretch themselves out before having sex. There is no way I will need to do that. I am a bit gutted really, Its like the surgeon telling you you will have size C boobs, and you wake up with an F cup. I just thought that if I am having this operation done, I want to be really tight, above average tight, not average size, plus a teensy bit more. My bf hasn't got a massive girth, his penis is about two of my fingers wide, but I don't want to be the same size as him, I want to be smaller! I just really hope that sex is enjoyable for us. But, again, I have to wait until I have sex to judge the final results. It might change down there. Think I have the post op blues. I am getting exhausted so easily, and I haven't cried so much in a long time.
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby aliceinwonderland1234 » Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:17 pm

Its three weeks and two days post op, half way to S-day! And i have got massive piles. I havent even been straining. All i can say is ouch-ouch-itch-itch-ouch.

I stopped remembering to take my antibiotics two days ago. My discharge had gone, but now its back. I dont know whether to start taking them again as they had almost finished anyway.

No pain tho.

I am still upset that i wasnt made small enough. I asked the surgeon if all had gone as planned and he said yes. I am trying to put some perspective on it though, by comparing vaginas to people :) Skinny vag is like being a size 8. Normal vag is like being a size 12, larger vag is being like a 16. My old vag was like a size 32. Of course halving your size and being non-freakish down there is good. I should be thrilled. But i just want better :*(
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby aliceinwonderland1234 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:44 pm

5 weeks and two days. Some surgeons let you start having sex again in ooonly 5 days time!

Whilst I am looking forwards to having sex, my two and a half finger wide vagina is expanding to three fingers inside after I orgasm.

I have broken up with my bf again. But of course, I probably will still shag him to see what its like. But in some ways, I would rather not... I would rather him be sitting there, all wound up at the thought that I have a vice like hole, and he is not going to get to use it again. Hmmmmm.

If only I needed a dilator :( People stretch with a dilator... Will I stretch? How much?


I will let you know how it goes. I only wish that I didn't need so much cosmetic surgery, then I would get it done again really soon.

Already thinking about my next surgery. I don't seem to ever be able to recover from surgery without planning the next thing. I am considering getting my chin shortened. It is in proportion, but I have a long face. Also need to lose weight so I can have a tummy tuck and my boobies done. I am booking a holiday as an incentive to lose the weight.

Huff, huff, huff.

Feel free to comment people, I am feeling quite lonely :)
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby aliceinwonderland1234 » Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:51 pm

I HAD SEX!!!! I HAD SEX!!!!!

It does feel much better, especially deep inside. Sadly, no trouble with penetration, no pain after like a lot of the women on here have experienced. But he is not stretching me when we are having sex like I hoped :( Better is better, I guess.

The trouble is that my bf (Yus, together again now, will the saga never end?) still isn't getting fully hard. I do not feel more desirable. I feel more horny, but he doesn't :/

I will be updating you every couple of weeks to let you know if I stretch more or not.

I don't know whether or not to tell the surgeon that I am unhappy with the results.
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby aliceinwonderland1234 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:29 pm

I really, really, really am NOT HAPPY!!! AT ALL!!! No sireeeeee.

Have had sex about 5 times in the past few weeks, and it has stretched even more. As soon as I get turned on BOOM its three fingers wide. Only an improvement of one little finger. As I may have mentioned, my left vaginal wall has collapsed and wasn't straight. I still have no wall on that side. There is no way my bf could fill me. It would take a huge ding-dong to do that. The one saving grace is that my vah-jj no longer blows up like a cave deep inside, but there still isn't much friction. Notice friction ore in doggy style, but not in any other position.

There is no way that I am never going to experience great sex with my boyfriend. I am going to get Alexandros Bader to do the operation in a few years time after I have had a tt and b/a. He charges £6000. which is 2.5 times what I paid, but I just want good sex. This thread will be very old by that time, but I will remember to update it and let you know if I ever have a normal vagina.

Hope everyone else is more satisfied with the results than I am.
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby Katmomma » Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:14 am

I had labiaplasty and vaginaplasty six months ago in Alexandria, va. The doctor that performed my surgery is from Florida and he flies in once a month to perform these surgery. I will walked you threw the process. You greet the doctor and he talks like this is a miracle and I was so excited because I felt that I did not stimulate my husband sexually he use to always say nothing is wrong with my vagina but honestly I could not feel him once inside. My husband always had a complex that he was small but the truth of the matter is when he is erect he was five inches. We have two children. So, when I was examined the doctor said I was four fingers due to childbirth. I was skeptical he only put two fingers in? So the nurse and the ladies in the office is very helpful and nice. They had me sign a lot of papers mind you that day you are examined. I payed 8500.00 to have one side done for labiaplasty and vaginaplasty. So they give you a prescriptions for pain which is ten 5mg of percocets and 3 ambien so you can sleep after the surgery. You have to go to the store to buy a fleet enema to cleanse yourself out and drink broth the day before. (FYI) the papers that you sign say you cannot take them to court you can only do a arbitration claim and you have to put up 5000.00 first. In saying this I did not read all of this paper work because I was excited about having this surgery done. So the day of the surgery you go into his office and they take you downstairs you have to urinate first to make sure your bladder is empty then go to a small room change your clothes to a sterile gown. I was laying on the table and when they wheeled me into the operating room I saw two young women dancing and singing to the music and there was a middle aged woman that was the anestegey doctor she was very professional the other two women was not. I saw the doctor come in and he said he has been a professor at a university in Florida and he knows what he is doing in the mean time while he is saying this I am counting to ten with the gas on my mouth. He told me it will take approximately two hours I look at the clock and I am out. I wake up it is hour and fifteen minutes later. I am talking to this nice nurse in the recovery room the doctor comes in and says everything went great I am two fingers I give him a smile and says thank you. I get up get dress and my husband drives me to the hotel. I rest the rest of the day. The next morning I am sore we go see the doctor and he says his wife told him women would want to kill him having the labiaplasty and she was absolutely right. Reminding you I just had one side done for labiaplasty. My husband drives me home there isn't enough pain medicine in the world for the experience you receive. They nice words are you will be uncomfortable for a couple of days that is the biggest lie ever. I had to walk gap legs because the labia you don't realize it but when you move it moves when you pee you get tears in your eyes. I called they don't give no more pain pills it was horrible I don't believe I felt the vaginaplasty because the labiaplasty was too painful. Honestly speaking if you got both lips done I would not want to imagine the feeling. I would have ten kids at one time for the exchange of the pain....... Take off two weeks ice and triple antibiotic cream is your best friend along with a fan between your legs. So I could not have sex for six weeks because I had combine surgery. When the time came I was instructed to buy a little dildo and I did I was very nervous but excited at the same time. When the time came me and my husband was very disappointed my labia was fine and I was happy with that but the vaginaplasty felt like it was never touch the only thing he did do was stitch me up tighter when trying to enter but that was it. I was also dry and yes i am 49 but i was not in menopause and i was always wet below. I called him and he told me to do kegel exercises hello that was the reason for the surgery to become tighter but they don't mention that I was furious. So then he came with a lame excuse that I was eight cm well that was a lie because if that was the case I would be in labor... He went on to say that some women need to come in two or three times and he knows this lady has come in five times. I went back to him three months later and he tells me I will have to pay 1500.00 to have a local sedative and I would not have to pay for the surgery again. So I go back in and have the vaginaplasty done for the second time so I experience the pain for the vaginaplasty and honestly speaking that pain is bearable but it is nothing compared to the labiaplasty. It took him 33 min to do this surgery i pray and hope that it work.In saying all of this I am in the waiting process I have three more weeks to wait for the outcome because it is a total of six week. Some people like to sugarcoat things but I am being honest.
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby aliceinwonderland1234 » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:38 pm

I am glad in a way that it isn't only me who is unhappy with the results in a way, although that sounds awful.

My surgeon told me I was 5 fingers down there, which I find hard to believe as well!

I emailed a top surgeon, and he said that he could make no guarantees that he could make me tighter than I already am. I guess the only way to find out for sure is after I have come out from under the knife.

You do feel like you are letting your partner down, when the results aren't what you both expected, don't you... I am a bit worried he got so psyched up about me having a vice-like hole, that he will cheat so he gets to experience it. But with someone else.

I have calmed down a bit since before though. At least there is some improvement.
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby _velvet_ » Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:22 am

Hi alice :)
I was just wondering how you are feeling about your new size now that its a few months after your surgery. Do you still feel like you will need a revision? Did you stretch more? How does your bf feel about it, can he cum inside you more easily?

Sorry for the barrage of personal questions, I had my surgery 4 weeks ago and I am super curious how things changed for you over time. I don't want to have gone through all this and then feel like they didn't make me tight enough either :|
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby vava1 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:30 am

tobedecided wrote:Hi,
I hope I didnt sound like it was too awful. I think mine was worse than some as I had the labiaplasty at the same time, this probably also made my surgery and recovery longer. The stitches that had to be taken out were just on the perineum, not internal so it wasnt too bad, but still it was good to be able to go to the original doctor for the fix.
I am sorry I never measured my vag-jj. It just wasnt the same after two kids. I have considered a dilator, but thought I would give it a month or so with normal sex first and lots of lube, just to see if that does the job. I went 1 finger width at the doctors recommendation. I said I was happy with two and he said to go one, just trust him. I said one finger seems tiny, and he said he does hundreds of these a year and thats what he'd reccomend. I am sure it was the right choice now and he was right.

One last tip I got from some threads here, get some stool softeners and take them a day or two before surgery and for the week after. You feel a bit funny and constipated otherwise, and it would hurt to be all blocked up and try and do the business in the followup days. Its hard to explain, but just go the stool softeners.
Good luck, it was the best money Ive ever spent

Hi tobedecided,

I'm so happy to hear you were happy with the results. I'm still looking for a good surgeon. Who was your doctor?

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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby alegria123 » Fri Jul 01, 2016 6:42 am

Hi I've finally decided to go for the surgery after a stressful and embarrassing episode :(((
I am really glad I found this blog since I dont know anyone who has done this kind of plastic before.
However would someone please recommended me a clinic where I could go to?
I've read terrible stories online about things gone bad and I would really appreciate some advice from someone who has done it and is happy with the results.
Many thanks in advance
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Re: How hot is the sex after vaginoplasty? + Travelling alone...

Postby tntbeachmom » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:06 am

I am 48, divorced with 2 kids (second one I had at 40 and he was 9 lb 9 oz). I had vaginoplasty and labiaplasty 3 weeks ago. I've been wanting to do it for 5 years. I never had complaints (except from my ex husband who ultimately left me (not because of that and I'm glad he left)) but I've dated many men in the past two years with various size penises. Anyway, I didn't know until very recently that the labiaplasty was a thing so I decided to get that, too. I live in the US and have a doc who has been doing this for 10 yrs. She is phenomenal and is passionate about it. I paid $11K. I have had many surgeries and I will say the recovery for this was tough. I took 5 days off of work (desk job) including day of surgery. Surgery on a Fri and returned to work next Fri. I am so happy I did this for ME. I can't have sex for another 5 wks per doc and my current bf is large...the largest I've ever been with. My sacred place looks sooooo much better without the labia minor hanging down there like a clam. Menopause, age and child bearing all caused it to stretch and shrivel. I look like I'm a teenager again. It's like a face lift for your privates! I am so happy I did this surgery and don't regret it at all. If you consider it, the hardest part is pooping afterwards-it is quite painful. You must not get constipated from pain meds. Take stool softeners, drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fiber. The last thing you want to is compromise the surgery due to constipation. I can report about the sex in a few weeks if anyone is interested!!
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