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Labia minora growing together with majora after labiaplasty?

Labia minora growing together with majora after labiaplasty?

Postby peachesandmangos » Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:43 am

i had a labiaplasty surgery only 3 days ago. so far, it has all been healing quite well, no major pain, no major swelling. i feel some itchiness and kind of 'movement' down there though as if the stitches were moving (tightening, loosening, i don't really know). is that normal? my other concern is that my labia minora used to look ok for the first day or two, now it seems to non-regularly grow together with my labia majora kind of in the middle (only the right one). i am freaking out because i definitely do not want it to look like that! and i can tell they are growing together forming an irregular bit. i also have two bits of skin left near my anus area that are way bigger than the rest of my labia minora (and they are not very painful or swollen). do you think it might still look nice and regular? thanks for your answers.
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Re: Labia minora growing together with majora after labiaplasty?

Postby hazeydaze » Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:22 pm

My advice would be DON'T JUDGE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE ON DAY 3 !!! This is probably when it will look its worse, and you won't even recognise it as a vagina. Give it a couple of weeks or so, and i'm sure it will be starting to look lovely. Thats what happened with me :) The 'movement' you described is normal and is just the pulling of the stitches (which is why it is best to rest up for a few days until they heal a bit more as this feeling can be rather uncomfortable). Good luck with your healing, and update with how it goes. I'm sure everything will be fine and lovely.
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